Friday, 21 July 2017


When are you having more children? Are you pregnant? Surely Jack would like a little brother/sister....

These are the kind of comments and questions that I hear on a regular basis. No problem when it's a family member but when it is mere acquaintances or the checkout lady at Morrison's, I'm not so OK with it.

Jack is three and is starting Nursery in September. It's when your child is about this age, if not earlier that lots of families begin to think about having another child. However is there any need to question me on why I'm not yet pregnant? People are naturally inquisitive but I'm not sure what response they are expecting. It could be that we are not yet ready for another child. Financial reasons, house size and career choices could be a reason. It could be problems conceiving or a whole host of other reasons. 

I do want more children and am happy to discuss it when the conversation naturally takes that direction. However some of the questions posed above have come abruptly when I'm not expecting it and I haven't been quite sure how to answer it without causing an awkward response. In truth I've been ready for children for quite some time as has Wayne. Yet after a period of trying to conceive (9 months) I actually found I was getting stressed and upset on a monthly basis. Pregnancy test after pregnancy test, negative after negative. I even had one false positive on a cheap pregnancy test that left me heartbroken when I tested again on a digital to receive a negative result. 

The stress really couldn't have been helping nor could my weight. During this period I was slowly putting on weight until one day my BMI said I was obese. I may not look it but I carry all my weight on my stomach and with my short 5'1 frame, I decided I needed to do something about it. This year has seen me strive to get fit and lose weight. I'm running a marathon in October and have joined slimming world. 

I'd love a baby and I'm sure we will soon be in a position to give it a go. Do me a favour though, until I tell you the good news, please give the questions a break. 


Tuesday, 18 July 2017


There are two types of parent at soft play. The cup of tea drinking one and the parent that can be found on the play equipment wishing they were the ones drinking the tea. I fall into the latter category. 

Jack absolutely adores soft play. His face lights up when I mention the local soft play centre. The thought of running through the ball pit, climbing the stairs and coming down the huge wavy slide makes him very happy. My face however does not light up in the same way. For me soft play is something that as parents we tolerate for the love of our children. In actual fact, I'd prefer to be outdoors at a playground rather than in the busy, warm soft play centre. However since I place my son's happiness higher than my dignity - off we trundle to soft play. 

I sit watching other parents drink a cup of tea whilst their child runs around the soft play area. When will I be able to do this? It sure as hell isn't now. I don't even get to sit in a chair. Actually I lie. I sit on a chair whilst I take my shoes off. In fact I'm surprised I'm not charged a higher fee for entry as I seem to make full use of the play equipment. 

Jack is three years old. However, he is short and needs help getting up some of the stairs within the play area. He also needs help in avoiding being knocked over by the older child that usually takes over the under 5's area. That by the way is one of the reasons I don't like soft play. When your child is tearing around knocking other children over, put your cup of tea down and keep an eye on your child! I do realise you have probably done many years of accompanying your child on the play equipment but spare some thought for this mama who is usually battling her way through the ball pit or pushing herself down the slide. There is always a fellow parent on the soft play equipment. I usually pass them going through a tunnel or attempting to slide down a fire pole. Maybe next time I see you, I should say hello. I'm sure soft play would be more fun with fellow mum/dad friends. 

I don't hate soft play and I can see why my son adores it. I just wish they would make the play equipment parent friendly. Widening the slides would be a good start.

I'm sure that one day I'll be the mother drinking tea and having a chat with friends. I'll look across and remember the time where I got my quota of daily exercise at soft play. No doubt I will miss playing with Jack in the ball pit. The smile on my little boys face when we go will be something I never forget. I'm not sure I'll miss trying to climb over some of the equipment though! 
 It may have looked like I was training for an obstacle run but I assure you I wouldn't pick here to do it. 

Until then,you'll find me in the ball pit. Just don't ask me what else is in there.

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Monday, 15 May 2017


I have been incredibly lucky to experience many of Jack's firsts. From those early firsts like the first smile and first tooth to more recent firsts like him learning to ride on a scooter and jump on a trampoline, I have seen them all. Yes, being a stay at home parent can be lonely and some days I really miss adult conversation and the ability to wee in peace but I also get the absolute privilege of watching Jack grow.

Jack recently turned three. I remember the days where he could only say a few words and used to cling to furniture as he walked. Now he chatters away to me all day - the loneliness in the most part has started to wane (I still need to make some mom friends) as I get to spend the day with someone that I would put above everything else. As Jack has grown, I have too. I have grown as a mom and as a person. As a mom, you are always putting your child's needs above your own. As Jack has grown, my life has changed too and it will change again very soon when Jack starts Nursery.

 As I write this, I am a day or two away from finding out if Jack has a nursery place for September. Going from spending every waking minute with a little human to dropping them off at school for 15 hours a week is going to be tough for us both. The only difference being that he will be very vocal about it and I will be crying out of sight! If he doesn't get a place at Nursery we will need to consider other options. He is at an age where he needs more than just me. He needs social interaction and friends - i'm hopeful that Nursery will offer new experiences and will allow him to blossom.

In the meantime, I'm going to savour the summer months and spend as much time doing new and fun activities with Jack. I'm going to savour every second as time really does fly by. Before I know it Jack will be a teenager!

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Thursday, 23 February 2017


With Summer approaching, Jack's wardrobe of thick knitted jumpers and long sleeved t-shirts just isn't going to cut it. He is desperately in need of a few new bits and as a huge fan of all things Zara Kids, I do not need much persuasion to take a look at their Spring/Summer Range. What a great range it is. From quirky leggings to cute slogan t-shirts they have so many things that I really like. Here are some of my favourites! (Hurry up Payday)


1. I love this camouflage sweatshirt. Paired with Black Leggings I think it would look fantastic.
2. The arrows on the knees of these leggings are really eye-catching. I like Zara leggings and can't wait to buy these.
3. I love a slogan t-shirt.
4. I'm very much into black and white colours at the moment. These fabric plimsolls will go with most outfits i think.
5. I love to put Jack in a denim shirt and leggings. This Palm Tree shirt is fantastic!
6. I love colourful t-shirts so this one is a hit.
7. These black dungaree are so simple and will look fab on a trip to the beach in the Summer.
7. I really like the stripes on this jumper.


Monday, 20 February 2017


So if you follow me on some of my social media channels, you may know that I am ever so slightly addicted to Instagram. From real life pictures of the bits your toddler gets up to, to glossy monochrome feeds. I love them all. 

Last year, I often posted a My Week In Pictures post on a weekly basis. I really enjoyed creating this post as it was lovely reflecting on my previous week and gathering all my pictures into one place. After a short blogging break, I've decided that this is something I should reinstate. I don't have a glossy Instagram feed or a high resolution camera but I do have a beautiful little family who I love photographing at every opportunity. 

Feel free to leave your Instagram handle in the comments below. Here's My Week In Pictures.

1. Bath time for my toddler. He absolutely loves these bath toys.

2. Relaxing at his aunties house. We were watching Toy Story again.

3. Getting all of his Paw Patrol toys out, obviously.

4. I love Monday's. Fresh start to the week.

5. A cup of tea and a bit of youtube = perfection

6. Just one of those days where I was beyond tired. This is what happens when you have worked a night-shift and have been awake for 28 hours!

7. For a child that hates colouring, this Paw Patrol colouring book sure was popular.

8. My new lush storage. A cake stand from Ikea.

9. Taking the boy to the park.


Friday, 17 February 2017


After a period of fairly inconsistent blogging, I've decided to start writing down my thoughts and rambles again. In many ways my blogging break occurred as I began to feel disillusioned with blogging. I felt like it was one more thing to add to my already busy life. The longer time has gone on, the more I have missed the online blogging community and the relaxation that writing down my thoughts provides.

Today, I thought I would share something that has been playing on my mind recently and rose to the fore today after a little trip to the park.


Jack is 34 months old, so very nearly three. He remains home with me during the week and is yet to start nursery. In an ideal world, I would love Jack to attend a few nursery sessions a week. I feel it would allow him social interaction with children his age and a chance to do activities that we do not do at home.

Currently aside from looking after Jack during the week as a stay at home mom, I also work two nightshifts a week as a manager in retail. This is how I manage my life and ensure that Jack has childcare at all times. As a family, we never qualified for the 15 free hours childcare that some children can get at the age of 2. Whilst I would have loved to have sent him for a day or two a week, financially as a family we just couldn't afford it. I used to take Jack to toddler classes and playgroups but as a non-driver (Wayne drives though) they are sometimes difficult to get to. Aside from that we have moved house and are now too far away to meet up with the parents and children I met at those classes.

I'm settling into a new area and am trying to find different classes and groups in the area that I can take Jack to. In September, Jack will be able to start Nursery as he will get some funding towards this. Is it too little too late? Jack is at an age where he wants to play with other children and is a little bit bored of being with mummy all of the time. Equally, I'd love to meet some local mums.

Today we went to our local park and as we arrived we saw there was a little boy playing in the playground. As we got into the playground, the boy and his mother left. Cue tons of tears from Jack who wanted to play with the little boy. Jack loves playing with children his age and I'm not able to offer him the chance to. He is a loving, affectionate child who loves playing with others. September seems a long way away and I need to find a way of making mom friends soon. Being a mom is the most amazing experience, I just hate the mom guilt that comes with it.

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Monday, 12 December 2016

The Go Ahead Range: Review

As a mom to a toddler, I rarely get the time to sit down and prepare a healthy snack. I am often guilty of picking up a chocolate bar instead and eating it on the go.  If i'm honest I am not the healthiest of eaters so when I was recently sent some products from the Go Ahead range, I couldn't wait to try them to see if they were something i could incorporate into my diet. 

The Go Ahead range has a variety of different snacks including Yogurt Breaks, Crispy Slices, Fruity Bakes and Cookie Bites. The very first thing that caught my attention was the Cookie Bites. My love of chocolate and treats meant that the word cookie caught my eye. 

I got sent both the White Chocolate and Raspberry cookies and the Cheeky Chocolate and Orange cookies. I demolished the chocolate and orange very quickly. They were quite the hit in my house. With an RRP of £1.99 for 6 packs, each pack contains just less than 100 calories making it the perfect snack. I will definitely be reaching for them again.

I also got sent a variety of the Yogurt Breaks, Crispy Slices and Fruit Bakes.

I really enjoyed both the Fruity Bakes in particular. Golden basked bars, filled with a fruit filling - they made a lovely mid morning snack. The strawberry flavour in particular was lovely. 

All low in calories, the Go Ahead snack range is the perfect snack to get you through until dinner time. I would most definitely recommend!
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