25 things about me

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I've been trying to decide for a while what to write about in my very first blog post. I've thought about writing about some of my favourite things including beauty, hair, lifestyle items and my new favourite topic babies. What's the point really though when you know absolutely nothing about me. 

I'm going to write about me! Just 25 things... Let's go!

1. I'm 24 years old.

2. I'm from a town called Walsall. No one usually knows where that is, so let's just say it's near Birmingham.

3. I'm six months pregnant with my first child - it's a boy!

4. I got engaged in 2008 but as the world's (I've got to be) most unorganised bride I'm still not married.

5. I'm a Music Graduate and play lots of different instruments.

6. I am terrified of flying - you do not want to be the person sitting by me on a plane during take off.

7. I sometimes eat chocolate..... for breakfast.

8. I can appear shy when you first meet me but trust me your opinion will change.

9. I love waffles and potato smilies - BEST FOOD EVER!

10. I'm a massive football fan. Girls can know the offside rule.

11. I'm terrible at playing sport - besides frisbee which I'm sure doesn't even count as a sport.

12. I love Disney films. Don't judge.

13. I'm a fussy eater and know what I definitely don't want to eat.

14. I really want to travel so probably need to get over my fear of flying sometime soon.

15. I'm counting down the days until my maternity leave.

16. I've been secretly writing (for my eyes only) for a year.

17. I'm addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Basically just the computer.

18. For someone who likes these things, I'm not very good at using the computer.

19. I drift off into my own world all the time. So I'm not ignoring you, I'm just in my own place.

20. I prefer giving presents to receiving them.

21. I love One Tree Hill and The OC.

22. I'm pretty clumsy and have more bruises on my legs than you would think is possible.

23. I misplace things all the time.

24. I tend to say what I think but would never mean to upset people.

25. I like to think I'm a loyal person to those who have always been there for me.


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