Monday, 30 December 2013

One Direction: This Is Us (DVD Review)

Everyone is talking about One Direction at the moment. The biggest boy band of recent times, One Direction are currently taking over the world. Television appearances, tours of the world and fans screaming in the street are all in a day's work for these boys.
A product of the UK X Factor, One Direction have gone on to sell millions of albums worldwide. They have fans the world over with people dedicated to following their every move.
 I will admit before watching this film I wouldn't have considered myself to be a One Direction Fan. I mean I know some of their songs but I wouldn't put them on a list of my favourite bands or buy tickets to see them on stage. I wasn't particularly interest in their DVD either. I happened to have a day off work and with nothing good to watch on television I downloaded 'This Is Us' from blinkbox.
The movie gives us an all-access look at life on the road following one of the world's biggest bands. Enjoyable from the start, the film tells the story of Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis' rise to fame. A film for the fans, it follows the bands journey around the world - showing us how insane life can be being a part of one direction.
 I am surprised to say that I really enjoyed watching this film. I was impressed with the quality of the film and the time taken to interview the boy's individually on their opinions about life in the band. I also loved the added concert footage shown throughout. It really helped me to understand more about the life these boy's lead. I just wish there could have been more of it - more backstage snippets of the boy's going about their day to day lives.
 A film for the fans and in part about the fans has made me a little bit of a One Direction Fan. I may even buy the next album.
What did you guys think of the film? I'd love to hear your comments.

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