Sunday, 29 December 2013

Review: Soap and Glory Bubble Barrelled Gift Set

  I will be completely honest, before trying this gift set I had never used a Soap and Glory product. Ever. I've been meaning to give them a try for a while but have never got round to buying them. For some reason I've always stuck with buying Sanctuary Spa Products.  So when I saw this Gift Set for £18 in Boots, I couldn't resist.

If you are anything like me and like to try out a product before committing to buying them in full size, this 7 in 1 gift set is perfect. In this set you'll find miniatures of:

CLEAN ON ME Shower Gel
HEEL GENIUS Foot cream
HAND FOOD Hand Cream
GLAD HAIR DAY Daily Shampoo
Soap and Glory Headband

The Clean On Me Shower Gel is one of my favourite products in this gift set. It smells amazing and left my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. After speaking to other bloggers about this product some said it wasn't creamy enough but my experience with this product was the polar opposite. I found it to be very creamy and found that a small amount would last me my whole shower.

As a long distance runner, my feet have always been quite dry. I brought this set hoping this product might make a difference and it has. I really like this cream and spread it quite liberally on my feet. Within a week I have noticed how soft my feet have become especially around the heel area. The smell of this product isn't to my personal taste but it does the job on my feet.


The next product in the set is The Righteous Butter. Perfect for dry skin, I applied this after I came out of the shower to damp skin. I really like this product and loved the refreshing smell. It left my skin feeling very soft and hydrated.


Scrub of Your Life is a thick, fresh smelling body buffer that left my skin feeling silky smooth. It smells great and got rid of any dry skin I had leaving my skin feeling soft. This was my favourite product in the set and I cannot wait to buy the full sized product.

My hands are easily my worst feature. Working in retail, cardboard leaves my hands feeling very dry and irritated. This product for me was perfect. It contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow and smells lovely. The problem I have with a lot of hand creams is how long it takes to sink in and how greasy my hands feel afterwards. I had no such problem with this product as it soaked into my skin very quickly leaving my hands feeling smooth.
I didn't buy this gift set for the shampoo. I find the Aussie products to be amazing and use them as my everyday shampoo and conditioner. I honestly don't think you can beat them. However, I thought I'd try this product and must say it surprised me. I have heard negative comments in reviews about the smell of the shampoo. I thought the fruity smell was pleasant and it left my hair feeling very soft. I have quite dry hair and prior to using the Aussie brand of shampoos could not find a shampoo that I loved to use. I thought this product did a great job on my hair.

This gift set also came with a soap and glory headband and in a lovely bag that I have reused to keep up my shower products in. 

I cannot wait to buy more Soap and Glory products as I have a feeling that the ones I'm currently using will not last long! 

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