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 So as a mom to be on maternity leave I'm going to have to focus on all the ways in which I can save money.
Times can get tough for all of us financially and it's always good to know how to save money. I'm not at all savvy with money or spending, but it's high time that changed. This blog will still remain lifestyle centred but I will also be focusing on all the ways I can save money, get freebies and enter competitions.
I've only really started looking into this in the past week and I'm honestly blown away by the resources on the internet. Just 10 minutes a day of your time could save you money and help you win prizes.
This is what I have found so far.
This website is an amazing resource for anybody wishing to make changes to their spending. From offering advice on how to find the cheapest credit card to helping you budget your spending this site is a must. Delve into the forums and take a look at their Competitions section. It's amazing how many competitions there is on the internet currently. If your sitting there with your cup of tea just browsing my blog, get yourselves onto this section of the forum and invest your time in some competitions.
If you don't fancy delving through pages of online resources. Follow me on twitter through the link above. I enter a lot of competitions on twitter per day that only require  a RT + Follow. Feel free to follow me and utilise those links. Also I will post any helpful tips and resources I find on there for you all to see.
Lets Save and maybe win!

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