Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year and Me

Happy New Year Everyone!
I was going to talk about New Years Resolutions but I never stick to them so that would be pretty pointless. Usually you'll find me sitting with my cup of tea and chocolate biscuits on the 3rd January after giving up that years diet after 3 days.
This year, I'm putting less pressure on myself. With my little man due in April and my maternity leave approaching fast, I have two main priorities for the year.
1. To be a great mom to my little boy
2.To keep blogging
Pretty obvious eh?
I'm very new to blogging and to be honest have no real idea what I'm doing at all. The idea of people reading this is completely absurd to me. When I started to write this blog a few weeks ago, I didn't think anyone would want to read it. I have 11 Bloglovin Followers though, so thank you guys.
 I started this to give me a creative outlet. Working long hours and not having much time to myself, I wanted to be able to have my own little slice of the internet that I could call my own. Somewhere, I could just note my thoughts, talk about my passions and generally just something that was mine.
All I've realised though is how much I don't know.
1. I don't know how to use my Canon Camera. My knowledge ends as soon as I turn it on.
2. I don't understand HTML. It's a miracle there is a background on this blog. It took me over 2 hours to figure out.
3. I don't know how to create my first YouTube video or even where to start. I have a YouTube account though - so yay!
This is what is exciting though and hopefully by the end of the year I'll look back at this post and have answered those questions.
I might even have 100 followers.
Whatever happens, I'm still not making a New Years Resolution. I'm just making a New Years Promise to keep doing the things I love.


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