Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pregnancy update

I'm so bored!! I've not officially started my maternity leave yet ( I'm still on annual leave) and I need to find things to do.

I won't lie, there are plenty of things I could be doing, none of which are as appealing as sitting down and watching This Morning followed by Loose Women. That's my problem, right there. I just cannot be bothered! My back aches and I'm super tired *way to go when I'm doing nothing* so all I've been doing is sitting down on my bottom.

I'm expanding rapidly now as I'm 29 weeks pregnant. 11 weeks to go and counting! I cannot wait. I have blood tests, flu jab and whooping cough jab tomorrow. 3 injections! THREE! As I am terrified of needles that is going to be a great day.

I have got so much cute baby stuff, it's ridiculous so I'm probably going to do a separate post or video about that. I may have got a little carried away in Mothercare. Let's just say I'm hoping that the little one fits into newborn sizes otherwise there is going to be a lot of unused clothes going on Ebay. I planned to be super organised and buy not too much of any size but then I did what I always do and got slightly confused about what sizes I actually had. 


I have a pram and a car seat now as well. They were the last of the large things I needed to buy so I'm pretty much done on that front. My lovely Parents brought them as a gift which was extremely kind. I am however, slightly concerned that neither me nor Wayne (my partner) really understand how to put the Pram up and down. This is after the kind man at Mothercare, tried and failed to make it look easy. At one point I'm pretty certain all he did was kick the pushchair in the hope that it would collapse down.

So in terms of the nursery, I haven't actually started. *face palm* At the minute the little mans room is full to the brim of carrier bags full of his stuff, cupboards full of ours and that's it. Not that I'm panicking or anything. Course not.

So anyway, that has sorta inspired me to turn off the TV and make a start. Anyone got any advice or suggestions on cool ways to decorate a nursery let me know. I need all the help I can get :)
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