Friday, 7 February 2014

My January Favourites

January is the month a lot of us are starting to feel the affects of our Christmas and Sales spending. It is however, the perfect month to talk about my January favourites. I've included non-beauty favourites in this post too as I do enjoy things other than beauty too. Surprise Surprise

I'm just going to point out that is my very first attempt at a Picture Collage and it's not actually turned out too badly *shock horror*
1. New Girl - I am in love with the series New Girl. Featuring Zooey Deschanel, it is a comedy that just cheers me up no matter how bad my day is. I'm currently about 6 episodes into the 1st Series. Me and my other half can never agree on what to watch on the Television. This is currently the only programme we both like to watch together. Mainly because all he watches is football.

2. Maybelline Baby Lips - This was obviously going to be in my January favourites, as it has just appeared as my product of the week. Rather than chatting about it again, this is the Link
3. Aussie Shampoo - I am in love with Aussie hair products. My hair is so thick, that I have to use a special detangling brush all the time. I love this shampoo, it leaves my hair feeling fab and using the conditioner straight after leaves it super soft!
4. Babies - This is a cheeky one to add but hopefully I can get away with it as I am having one! I'm due on the 15th April and I am getting more and more excited as everyday passes.
5. Real Technique Brushes - I brought these for Christmas (out of my present money) and absolutely love them. I have both the Core Collection and the Eye Starter Kit. I'm in love! How did I not own these before? 

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