Thursday, 27 March 2014

37 weeks pregnant

First of all I just want to say sorry for not updating recently. I've had a few pregnancy complications which means I have been in hospital lots.

The Update: I went into hospital when I was 32 weeks pregnant with vision problems and slight headaches. To be honest I think everyone (including myself) thought I was completely overreacting and was just worrying away as usual! Anyway to my surprise I was admitted and diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension. From then I have been seeing community midwives at home and have been admitted once since and put on tablets. What doesn't help is my major aversion to digital monitors which for some reason cause my bp to be ridiculously high in comparison to a reading off a manual monitor.
So anyway then I had to go for a growth scan. My beautiful boy is perfect but Breech and is still breech now. I had an ECV yesterday which is where consultants try to manually move the baby round. It hurt like you wouldn't believe and was unsuccessful so I am booked in for a Caesarean Section on the 8th April. More worrying for me was that on the Non Stress Test afterwards baby would move and the trace would be lost. Problem is when it came back in the heartrate was 80bpm instead of between 120-160. It quickly increased but everyone seemed a little concerned. It kept happening so the registrar was called who said it was fine and the baby was just moving away from the trace and may be clipping or pinching the cord. So now naturally even though I have been promised everything is fine, I am now worrying half to death!!!
So besides all of this going on we have decorated the little mans room, put up the Moses basket and installed the car seat.
I haven't fully finished everything in the little mans room so will update with pics in a future blog. But here is a sneak peak of our cute Moses basket.
It is all starting to feel so real!
Symptoms this week
Discharge - So this week I have been having a lot of discharge - like a lot! No one told me about this huge increase but it's definately there.
Stretch Marks - I have huge stretch marks to the point where my stomach now resembles a zebra with lots of stripes. They also look very red and angry. I feel very attractive right now.
Nausea - I thought Morning Sickness was gone never to return but it has returned with a vengeance.
Piles - I'm not even going to say anything else. Pretty self explanatory for all you pregnant ladies out there.
Aching and waddling - I have well and truly hit the waddling stage and now walk so slow that I get passed by everybody when we are out. My partner often forgets that I really can't walk quick and doesn't understand how a human can move so slowly.
Shortness of breath - I was super excited about the baby dropping because apparently it would help ease of shortness of breath. Unfortunately my little man is breech so there is zero improvement here.
Not a pregnancy symptom - I have a bad throat and chest and am on antibiotics to help clear it up.

Anyway I am now going to photograph the little mans nursery for my next blog...

I've really missed you all and have lots of blogs to catch up on and read!


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