Wednesday, 21 May 2014

BarryM Hi-Shine Gelly Varnish

I love BarryM Nail Varnish.

With a 6 week old baby at home, a quick nail varnish application pretty much sums up my me-time. When you get rid of all the nappy changing, rocking and feeding from my day this is pretty much all I have time for.
I don't need any excuse to buy nail varnish (I love them) so when my sister suggested trying BarryM Varnish, I jumped at the chance. I was looking for a varnish which was value for money. These are Currently on offer at 2 for £7 in Boots but usually retail at £3.99 per varnish. (A bargain!) I picked up two colours to get me started - Prickly Pear and Blueberry.
The BarryM Gelly collection applies really well. It has a thicker mix and offers a shiny gel like finish. Usually my nails chip very easily, this nail varnish lasts a lot longer. Amazing really when you consider that I have my hands in nappies and on babies all day.
The Hi-Shine Gelly range comes in many bright summer colours. Pretty perfect for this summer, it really brightens up my look.a
I love this colour. Bold and Bright, it is a perfect shade to wear in the summer sun. I applied two coats of this to really give my nails a pop. To be honest though I could have applied just the one and gotten a very similar result.
Prickly Pear
I love pastel coloured nail varnishes. Whilst bold colours are great when brightening an outfit, pastel colours can go with pretty much anything! When I saw this colour i couldn't wait to try it on.
On application this colour is much paler than it appears. After 3 coats, it looks fab but on its first application it looks quite thin. Worth a buy though as the end colour is fab.
I love both these colours and can't wait to purchase my next few!

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