Being a Mom - 6 month update

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Being a mom is one of the most tiring yet rewarding experiences I have had in life so far. I'm only 25 years old but I can tell you that nothing I achieve will ever match becoming a mom. On the 8th April 2014 I had a caesarean and Jack Doughty was born. I had read every book you could find but realised that words on a page wouldn't show me how to be a parent. I'd have to gain experience in real life as a mom.

I remember the days after Jacks birth were not as I wished. I suffered a secondary post-partum haemmerage and Jack had dropping oxygen levels. I didn't get to enjoy the first few days as I was too ill. Once we left the hospital and I had been reassured about my bleeding by the midwife countless times, life as a mom truely began.When I look back over the last 6 months, I realise that I cannot remember my life without Jack being a part of it. Ok, I've worried more than I ever thought possible and have had far less sleep than I ever thought possible. Parents to be, you don't believe you can function on hardly any sleep, but trust me you can.

In those early days eat,sleep and nappy change were the order of the day. Fast forward six months and life begins to get even more fun and busy. Jack is now rolling everywhere and babbles away. We've just had to baby proof the house as Jack is now to starting to crawl and drag himself commando style across the room.
With the days of reflux and colic now largely behind us, we haved moved along to more new experiences and problems to work through. Jack is now starting to wean. This has largely resulted in a lot of mess and some very funny facial expressions.
He makes every day worthwhile and will continue this for many more days.
I'd love to hear your favourite memories as a mother. Leave a comment below!

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