Saturday, 24 January 2015

Jack is 9 Month olds

Jack has officially been outside in the world for as long as he was in my tummy. 9 months ago Jack was entering the newborn stage, with it came the endless sleep, feed and nappy change cycle, which left me exhausted. Fast forward nine months and the feeling of tiredness remains as both teething and Jack standing in the cot disrupt his (and our) sleep. The newborn who slept for hours has been replaced by a baby that I have to chase around the front room as he crawls and clambers up on anything accessible.

We have had worries and issues along the way with Jack having been at the hospital several times due to Bronchiolitis and various other illnesses. I suppose this is part of the journey of parenthood. Often children suffer various illnesses including chickenpox, flu and gastroenteritis. We have this all to come.

Jack now:

  • Crawls and climbs up furniture. He then likes to cruise along the furniture and has even let go and stood unaided for a few seconds
  • Babbles - currently he can say dada, baba, lala and hiya. He only says mama when upset
  • Sits unsupported
  • Bangs toys together and passes them from one hand to the other
  • Has started to point. Only at lights

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

SW - Weigh in #3

I had my weigh in at Slimming world on Tuesday. You can tell it's weigh in day when I start to panic that eating my tea so close to 7 30 is going to ruin my weightloss. After a miracle 2 1/2lb loss last week, I have lost a further 1 pound this week at slimming world. That's now 8lb in 4 weeks. My target weight is still approximately two stone away.

I have been struggling with not eating all the Christmas chocolate that remains in the house. Boxes of biscuits, tins of roses and quality streets and a trifle are still to be eaten. I have stopped completing my food diary as I am having around 15-20 syns per day. I have still lost weight though, mainly because for me the problem is moderation. I am finally eating a few biscuits instead of the packet.

Next week I'm aiming for another two pounds. I have 6 pounds to lose to get my 1 stone award so I'm aiming to get that by the first week in February. I'm finally feeling the weight coming off and beginning to feel better for it. I have taken my mom with me for some motivation. She is doing really well and is inspiring me to get back on track.

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Monday, 5 January 2015

Slimming World

I have been trying to lose weight for years. I have tried countless diets and exercise regimes but tend to give up at the first offering of a chocolate bar. I talk about it but never stick at it. Over the last four years I have put on over three stone. My body has enabled me to give birth to a beautiful boy and for that i will always be grateful but it is about time that I put my body first and got healthy. I'm always going to have cellulite and stretch marks but I'm determined to get into nice clothes and be able to wear a dress without worrying about how big my belly will look.

I LOVE food and have a huge appetite but I always seem to indulge in the wrong foods. Far too much chocolate and ice cream and not enough fruit and veg. Every week I weigh myself and then tell myself I will start again next week. Well I'm fed up of saying that and have joined slimming world.

I actually joined two weeks before christmas. I knew I would not stick to the diet rigidly over Christmas but aimed to maintain my weight. I need accountability and someone to challenge me through the good and bad times.

Weightloss So Far...
Week One - 4lbs
Week Two (Christmas Week) -1/2lb

Every week I will be posting the result of my weigh in, along with recipe try outs, meal ideas and exercise updates. See you at weigh-in!

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