Thursday, 15 January 2015

SW - Weigh in #3

I had my weigh in at Slimming world on Tuesday. You can tell it's weigh in day when I start to panic that eating my tea so close to 7 30 is going to ruin my weightloss. After a miracle 2 1/2lb loss last week, I have lost a further 1 pound this week at slimming world. That's now 8lb in 4 weeks. My target weight is still approximately two stone away.

I have been struggling with not eating all the Christmas chocolate that remains in the house. Boxes of biscuits, tins of roses and quality streets and a trifle are still to be eaten. I have stopped completing my food diary as I am having around 15-20 syns per day. I have still lost weight though, mainly because for me the problem is moderation. I am finally eating a few biscuits instead of the packet.

Next week I'm aiming for another two pounds. I have 6 pounds to lose to get my 1 stone award so I'm aiming to get that by the first week in February. I'm finally feeling the weight coming off and beginning to feel better for it. I have taken my mom with me for some motivation. She is doing really well and is inspiring me to get back on track.

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