Sunday, 22 February 2015

Slimming World #Weigh In 6

Hi Everyone,

So last week I missed slimming world as I had a busy night watching a football game. I always worry when I miss a week as sometimes my motivation begins to wane as I don't have a weigh in to keep me accountable. I'm completely rubbish at keeping motivated throughout a diet. This, coupled with returning to work on a part-time nightshift basis, has suddenly made the diet more difficult. I need to step back and go back to basics this week as I have noticed a general decline in motivation and a massive upping in the amount of Syns I'm having per day. I had been doing so well. I'd cut out coca-cola out completely but after drinking a can at work, I can't stop drinking it. I also have succumbed to Pancake day!

This week I lost 2lb at weigh in. That was far better than the gain I had imagined. That's 11lbs in total, so only 3lbs until that 1 stone weightloss. I really want to loose the 3lbs this week but currently haven't been as good as I could have been. I have started exercising. I'm doing a lot more walking                            throughout the day with Jack and have also started doing Shaun T's T25 workout.

                If anyone has any tips on how they stay motivated please pop it in the comments.


Monday, 16 February 2015

Ten Useless Baby Products You Will Not Need

When I fell pregnant, I became a frequent reader of parenting books which advised you of those essential baby items you could definately not live without. I then spent countless afternoons in Mothercare, Babies R Us and Kiddicare explaining to my other half exactly why a bottle warmer/ top and tail bowl/ bathroom thermometer was a fantastic purchase (they weren't.)

As a new parent, you are often tempted to buy every baby item possible convinced that it will help you when your baby arrives. If your not careful your house can start to resemble a baby shop. Whilst I brought some great baby items that proved invaluable during Jack's first few months, I also brought items that were completely unnecessary and a waste of money. This is a list of the top ten useless baby products that I'm certain no parent will ever need.

1. Nappy Bins - I cannot understand why anybody would buy this product which is essentially a scented bin. Nappy bags are often scented but the smell emitting from them is still putrid. Take a walk to your outside bin and save yourself the money.

2. Bumbo Seats - I brought a bumbo seat for Jack and honestly thought I would get plenty of use out if it. You can use it prior to your baby being able to sit up unaided. Still sounding like you might use it a lot? I used mine twice. Jack refused to sit in it for more than two minutes at a time. He actually hated it. He would arch his pack to get out. I later invested in a Jumperoo which he much preferred.

3. Wipe Warmer - I have never ever brought a wipe warmer. You want to know why? Jack doesn't like getting changed. A cold wipe isn't the problem and a warm wipe won't be the answer. What difference do they make? A wipe is a wipe and this product is a waste of time.

4. Bottle Warmer - I brought a bottle warmer convinced i would use it for the night feeds. To start with I often did but I actually found it didn't warm up the bottle any quicker than a kettle would. You also have to fill it with water, just like a kettle. I already have a kettle.

5. Top and Tail Bowl - A bowl to put water and cotton pads in when you want to give your baby a quick wipe down. It does exactly the same job as a generic bowl. Whilst it would only cost around £3, the money adds up quickly.

6. Small Burp Clothes - Burp Clothes are a great purchase but please buy a large muslin square. Unless your child hardly spits up, your little ones sick will still end up on his clothes.

7. Scratch Mittens - I thought this would be an essential purchase prior to having Jack. A mitten to stop your baby scratching himself sounds like a great item. Problem is, they don't stay on. I have heard of parents fastening them on with a hair scrunchie. They are either too big or your baby shakes them off. Either way, they don't end up preventing any kind of scratching.

8. Baby Bath Thermometer - For first time parents who are concerned they won't be able to tell if their babies bath water is too hot, put down the bath thermometer. You will be able to tell. Your looking for a luke warm temperature. Dip your elbow in the water, if it feels hot then it probably is too warm. You can do just as good a job as this unneeded product.

9. Baby Lotion - I have approximately 25 bottles of lotion that I was gifted when Jack was born. Babies have sensitive skin, any lotion gave Jack a rash. Just pop some water in the bath, skip the lotions and potions.

10. Baby Towels - I have so many baby bath towels and guess what, whilst my adult towels may not have a cute monkey hood on them, they do exactly the same job. They are a cute buy but definately are not needed. Saying that I do own at least 6!


Friday, 6 February 2015

Slimming World - # Weigh In 5

I had a slimming world holiday last week after my previous weeks 2lb gain. I needed time to recoup and get motivated. I hadn't been truely sticking to the diet and was struggling to stay on plan when i still had chocolate, doughnuts and biscuits in the house. I have never been very good at planning meals in advance and with a 10 month old crawling around this task has been made even harder.

I was worried about stepping on the scales this week. I have been eating better but really didn't want to explain another gain when in all honesty i have no excuse. I was delighted to look down at the scales and see I had lost 3lbs. I finally feel i am heading in the right direction. I have lost 9lbs so far and am aiming to receive my stone award in two weeks time. This would take me to my pre-pregnancy weight and whilst my journey with weightloss will continue, this would be a considerable milestone.

I have decided that I will blog pictures of my meals on this site and my instagram. This will help me stay accountable and hopefully stop me reaching for the biscuit tin.

How is your slimming world journey going? I'd love to hear. Comment below or follow me on twitter.




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