Slimming World - # Weigh In 5

by - 09:00

I had a slimming world holiday last week after my previous weeks 2lb gain. I needed time to recoup and get motivated. I hadn't been truely sticking to the diet and was struggling to stay on plan when i still had chocolate, doughnuts and biscuits in the house. I have never been very good at planning meals in advance and with a 10 month old crawling around this task has been made even harder.

I was worried about stepping on the scales this week. I have been eating better but really didn't want to explain another gain when in all honesty i have no excuse. I was delighted to look down at the scales and see I had lost 3lbs. I finally feel i am heading in the right direction. I have lost 9lbs so far and am aiming to receive my stone award in two weeks time. This would take me to my pre-pregnancy weight and whilst my journey with weightloss will continue, this would be a considerable milestone.

I have decided that I will blog pictures of my meals on this site and my instagram. This will help me stay accountable and hopefully stop me reaching for the biscuit tin.

How is your slimming world journey going? I'd love to hear. Comment below or follow me on twitter.




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