Slimming World #Weigh In 6

by - 11:46

Hi Everyone,

So last week I missed slimming world as I had a busy night watching a football game. I always worry when I miss a week as sometimes my motivation begins to wane as I don't have a weigh in to keep me accountable. I'm completely rubbish at keeping motivated throughout a diet. This, coupled with returning to work on a part-time nightshift basis, has suddenly made the diet more difficult. I need to step back and go back to basics this week as I have noticed a general decline in motivation and a massive upping in the amount of Syns I'm having per day. I had been doing so well. I'd cut out coca-cola out completely but after drinking a can at work, I can't stop drinking it. I also have succumbed to Pancake day!

This week I lost 2lb at weigh in. That was far better than the gain I had imagined. That's 11lbs in total, so only 3lbs until that 1 stone weightloss. I really want to loose the 3lbs this week but currently haven't been as good as I could have been. I have started exercising. I'm doing a lot more walking                            throughout the day with Jack and have also started doing Shaun T's T25 workout.

                If anyone has any tips on how they stay motivated please pop it in the comments.

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