Monday, 16 March 2015

Jack's Bedtime Routine

Jack has never been a good sleeper. He struggles to self settle, constantly stands up in his cot and tries to avoid naps completely. He went through a phase of sleeping through the night but currently at 11 months he is waking up to three times a night. Being in the midst of cutting a tooth is evidently adding to this. Still we persevere every night with a bedtime routine in the hope that once his teething finishes, he will finally begin to sleep better.

When Jack was a newborn we never consistently followed a bedtime routine. Both me and Wayne are musicians and therefore evening commitments often lead to one of us being out for part of the evening. We have since realised consistency is key. We currently are adhering to a consistent bedtime routine with Jack. This routine happens at roughly the same time every night. It is not strict as we don't want to be unable to leave the house in the evening for a family party or a meal. I have noticed that it means Jack will go to sleep a lot earlier giving me valuable free time in the evening and giving Jack the rest he needs.

Our bedtime routine usually begins around 7pm. This could swing half an hour either way depending on whether Jack has taken both his naps or has skipped one entirely. First of all he has a bath. He absolutely loves the water and will happily splash around and play. I used to just bathe him in water but have recently added a small bit of Johnson's Bedtime Baby Bath to the water. Aside from this I only use cotton pads, a washcloth and baby shampoo in the bath.

Once Jack has had a bath we take him out and dress him in his Pyjama's ready for bed. His favourite Pyjama's are Fireman Sam ones as he then spends all of his time looking at the picture of Fireman Sam on his top. We also brush his hair and teeth. Jack loves his teeth being brushed, to the point of hysteria when you remove the toothbrush.

We have brought a Nightlight Projecter for Jack's nursery. We set it for the 15 minutes after Jack's bath. It projects different coloured planets and stars onto the ceiling. I find it relaxing and Jack seems to be really interested in the lights. We then read him a book in his room before giving him his last bottle of the day. He then tends to self settle in my arms as he screams when self-settling in the cot.

After about 5-10 minutes in my arms I put him down in his cot covering him with a blanket and putting his favourite teddy in with him. He will not sleep without it.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post. I would love to hear about your babies bedtime routines especially if your doing something additional to me. Also if anyone has any advice about how to get a baby to self-settle then I would love to hear from you. I don't really want to try the cry it out method but realise that it is now important that he learns to do self settle.. I would love to hear of other methods you have tried. Feel free to drop a comment in the comment box or tweet me at Clairebellalove.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Me-Time Tag

I saw this tag on Sarah Kay's Blog and really enjoyed read it so have decided to talk to you guys about my me-time.

What do you like to watch or read during me-time?
My free time is precious as with an eleven month old baby free time is a rarity! I love to read blogs and watch YouTube videos particularly those on my subscription list. I'm currently loving Hannah Magg's, Missylanning's and Ingrid Nilson'svideos. In terms of TV, I have sky+ and so I don't tend to watch anything live. My sky planner is currently 90% full so I'm working through that. I love channel4 documentary and programmes such as New Girl and The Big Bang Theory. I read on my Amazon Kindle. I love a real paperback but Kindle Book Prices are amazing. My current read is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

What do you wear during me-time?

My me-time tends to occur in the evenings after my little one has gone to sleep. I like to be comfy so often I change into my Next Onesie. Once I'm in this I can relax and I'm seriously snug and warm!

What are your favourite me-time beauty products?

 I love a relaxing bath and am currently really enjoying Lush's bath bombs. I particularly love the Fizzbanger bath bomb which sent my bath water from blue to green and made the water fizz. It smelt amazing and left the water and my skin feeling silky and smooth. I also completely adore Soap and Glory's Righteous Body Butter. My skin is usually terribly dry, but since I have been using this it's really improved.

Current Favourite Nail Polish?

I am loving two different nail polishes at the minute. I love Barry M Nail Polish. The Gel ones are amazing. I also love Nails Inc polish as the finish is great. I usually wearing blues/pinks and corals.

What do you eat or drink during me time?

I love a hot chocolate with cream. Preferably a take-out one from Starbucks but if I am at home I make an Instant Hot Chocolate and add the cream. I also love chocolate and biscuits. Basically all comfort food and all the things that are bad for you. My favourite biscuits at the minute are chocolate biscuits. I promise you I could demolish a packet in one go. That's bad I know!

Current Favourite Candle?

I don't have a current favourite candle. Since having my little boy I haven't brought a candle.

Do you ever have outdoor me-time?

I love being outdoors especially in the summer months. I'm not often outdoors by myself but I do often take Jack out for walks. I find this extremely relaxing so probably would count this in my me-time.

Would you ever go and watch a film alone?

I don't think I would. I don't go to the cinema often and if I do its usually with my friends or my other half. I would usually go for food beforehand and see that part of it as social so in all honesty I probably wouldn't go by myself. Also I order a massive popcorn that definitely takes two people to eat.

Favourite Online Shop?
I love Amazon, Asos and Turffle Shuffle. Amazon sells everything! I buy so much from Amazon and obviously love it for it's Kindle Books. In terms of clothing I love Asos as I find it sells really well made clothes that are great value for money. I also love comic tees so always shop at Truffle Shuffle. The only issue I have with this shop is the sizing but items are so easy to return that I always go back for more.

Anthing to add? What else do you like to do during me-time?

I love social media so I could happily spend quite a while on my various platforms particularly my Facebook and Twitter. I'm also absolutely addicted to Pinterest and cannot stop pinning. I love boxsets! I own so many boxsets and am currently watching Big Bang Theory. I have ER, 24 and  New Girl lined up after that.

I'd love to read your me-time tag. Please link me a link in the comments below, I'm tagging all of you!


Monday, 2 March 2015

February Favourites

I've only ever done one monthly favourites blog. There are so many products and things that I'm using and absolutely loving at the minute that I have decided to do a monthly favourites blog.
Welcome to my February Favourites.

Big Bang Theory - I am addicted to watching Big Bang Theory. I recently brought the Series 1-7 boxset. I had owned the early series separately but in terms of price it was actually cheaper to buy the complete box set. I'm now midway through Season One and find it absolutely hilarious. It is also one of the only boxsets that both me and my Partner both love.

Clinique Mild Facial Soap - I have never brought a Clinique Product and actually picked this up with a magazine awhile ago but never got round to using it. I've pretty much used the entire miniature already and will be going out very soon to buy some more. I now use this twice a day on my face and love how it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I prefer soap in liquid form as I find it lathers brilliantly.

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb - I brought my very FIRST Lush products this morning. I may be years late joining the lush craze but i'm now addicted to their products. I brought two bath bombs - Twilight and Fizzbanger. The Fizzbanger bath bomb was my favourite by far. It left the bath water feeling silky and my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. I love the variety of colours this bath bomb creates with it eventually turning the water green. With a citrus apple and cinnamon scent, this has fast become one of my favourite items this month.

Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Wash - I am a massive fan of Soap and Glory Products and this month have tried a new body wash. It's quickly become my go-to product that I use every time I shower. The smell is lovely!

Amazon Kindle - With a gorgeous eleven month old at home my free time is limited. I love to read and buy so many books on the Kindle. I have recently joined Kindle Unlimited which for £7.99 a month gives me a choice of books for free. All I need now is a lovely case for it.

I'd love to hear what you guys are enjoying using this month. TV, beauty products or homeware comment below and let me know.

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