February Favourites

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I've only ever done one monthly favourites blog. There are so many products and things that I'm using and absolutely loving at the minute that I have decided to do a monthly favourites blog.
Welcome to my February Favourites.

Big Bang Theory - I am addicted to watching Big Bang Theory. I recently brought the Series 1-7 boxset. I had owned the early series separately but in terms of price it was actually cheaper to buy the complete box set. I'm now midway through Season One and find it absolutely hilarious. It is also one of the only boxsets that both me and my Partner both love.

Clinique Mild Facial Soap - I have never brought a Clinique Product and actually picked this up with a magazine awhile ago but never got round to using it. I've pretty much used the entire miniature already and will be going out very soon to buy some more. I now use this twice a day on my face and love how it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I prefer soap in liquid form as I find it lathers brilliantly.

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb - I brought my very FIRST Lush products this morning. I may be years late joining the lush craze but i'm now addicted to their products. I brought two bath bombs - Twilight and Fizzbanger. The Fizzbanger bath bomb was my favourite by far. It left the bath water feeling silky and my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. I love the variety of colours this bath bomb creates with it eventually turning the water green. With a citrus apple and cinnamon scent, this has fast become one of my favourite items this month.

Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Wash - I am a massive fan of Soap and Glory Products and this month have tried a new body wash. It's quickly become my go-to product that I use every time I shower. The smell is lovely!

Amazon Kindle - With a gorgeous eleven month old at home my free time is limited. I love to read and buy so many books on the Kindle. I have recently joined Kindle Unlimited which for £7.99 a month gives me a choice of books for free. All I need now is a lovely case for it.

I'd love to hear what you guys are enjoying using this month. TV, beauty products or homeware comment below and let me know.

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