Monday, 20 April 2015

Juggling Motherhood and Life

I'm seriously tired. Scrap that. I'm exhausted. I have never felt so run down in my life.

So I may be going a bit over the top but this is a feeling that lots of mom's (and dad's) can relate to. My little boy has been ill hence the inconsistency of my blogging. I feel like we lurch from one illness to another at the minute. From bronchiolitis to teething to gastroenteritis. Poor little guy! He started projectile vomiting just under two weeks ago. I truly felt like my heart was being broken into tiny pieces as he stood there sobbing in the bathroom. He came up in a viral rash and what followed was three of my toughest days as a mom. Despite being reassured by a doctor, I couldn't help worry about his lack of appetite and his desire to drink. He is thankfully over it now but kindly passed it on to me, Wayne, my Parents and pretty much all of our family.

It's made me realised just how hard it is (for me at least!) to juggle being a mom with all the other things going on in my life. 

I dedicate my day to Jack but with him in bed at seven, I loose all enthusiasm for all the other chores. How do you guys juggle the house and a baby? Feel free to let me now as really I should just get on with it! I work nightshifts part time twice a week and am constantly on the move. My house resembles a creche and I struggle to keep on top of housework never mind the ironing.

I need the motivation to make the most of my free time. I currently find myself vegging out in front of the TV and not really getting a lot done. I try not to be hard on myself here as I know I need free time BUT I need to get my house back on track.I also struggle to find quality time to spend with Wayne. We are both Musicians and have various commitments that leaves us limited alone time. 

Any advice on how you guys juggle you life as a mom? I'm sure some of you will just say get on with it so I'm going to stick up the ironing board and stick on Gogglebox.


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