Monday, 18 May 2015

Sandwell Valley, Farm Time and Snotty Baby

It's been a bit of a busy week this week. The week started with a lovely trip to Sandwell Valley with my sister and Jack. The sun was shining so I thought I would make the most of it! With lots of grassy fields Jack put his new found walking skills to good use. It's so strange to see him walking. He has been walking around the house a lot but this is the first time he has walked well outside.

Jack loved the adventure playground. Whilst the majority of it was aimed at older children there were things that Jack could use such as the toddler swings and a sandpit. It was particularly hard to get him away from the sensory equipment.

We enjoyed our visit so much that we actually went to Sandwell Valley twice this week. I didn't want Wayne to miss Jack walking outside. We also took Jack to Forge Mill Farm. Forge Mill Farm is a small free to visit working farm where Jack saw Ponies, Pigs, Chicken, Cows and Sheep for the first time. I've never seen him so mesmerised and interested in something.

I also took Jack to Walsall Arboretum this week. It was so nice to get out of the house and be outside. I don't drive (as I may have mentioned before!) so when my dad popped over unannounced and suggested it I jumped at the idea. Jack is fascinated by daisies in the grass and only managed a few steps before seeing them and stopping. This continued for an hour...

Towards the end of the week I saw my nieces who had colds and two days later Jack came down with one. It's horrible when they are not well. He is also teething so a lethal combination. I think I'm in for a few sleepless nights which I will no doubt fill you in on next week!

See you soon


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Beacon Park, Birthday Parties and Teething Hell

It's been a bit of a mundane week in the Doughty/Miller household this week. Gone are the beautiful clear skies and in replacement we have had dark clouds and rain. I find it hard on weeks with poor weather to get out and about. I don't drive which restricts me when making choices about which places to visit with Jack. I ended up trying to leave the house whenever it stopped raining and was caught out more than once. This ended up with Jack nice and dry under the pushchairs rain cover and me pushing him along whilst looking like a drowned rat.

The week started with Bank Holiday Monday where we took Jack to Beacon Park in Lichfield. We made the most of the last of the good weather and took Jack to the playground. He loved the slide in particular and cried when we went home. Jack played in the sand and couldn't quite work out whether or not he liked the feel of the sand on his fingers. I worked Monday Night and then lazed around the house on Tuesday as the bad weather set in.


Jack has been teething pretty badly this week. He is currently cutting his fourth tooth and has had three or four really restless nights leaving us all feeling quite tired and poor Jack feeling particularly cranky. We spent the majority of the week inside due to the aforementioned bad weather. Jack didn't seem to mind this too much thought as he has taken a liking to the Mega Blocks we bought him for Christmas and wouldn't play with anything else. His walking is improving by the day so we did quite a lot of short walks around the block. It took quite a while though as he loves to stop and wave at any passing car. He attracted quite a lot of attention with the bus drivers waving at him often. I think he now expects them to wave back at it him all the time.

Jack stopped at his Nan and Grandad's on Friday Night. After a few rough nights with him at home, I very nearly cancelled. He slept through for them though and was fine, so all was well. We had a lovely evening catching up with various television programmes that we tape but never watch and also had a takeout. (Slimming World is going fantastic...)

On Saturday we went to a family member's fifth birthday party. It was lovely seeing the family and Jack received his very first party bag. It contained a small milky-way, a bubble set and a pair of glasses with a nose. He looked adorable! Shame that I don't look quite so good in them.

See you next week xx


Friday, 8 May 2015

Your one

I cannot believe you are one. You have been in this world 365 days. That's over 31 million seconds that you have been part of my world. There has been countless nappy changes, milk feeds and poo explosions but finally you are a toddler. I can remember when you were born thinking how tiny and precious you were. Now one, I watch you walking around the room and think how different you are. Gone are the black locks and almost Mediterranean skin, now you are fair with very blonde hair.

Your personality is starting to shine through. You love to laugh. Whether that is because of my silly voices or because you pass wind. you love to smile. You know what you want but can't quite communicate it yet. You have started having temper tantrums with avengence particularly when we are in a public place. I'm certain that's something I just need to get used too.

I try not to put too much attention on milestones but can't help feel proud of all the things you have learnt so far in your short life. Watching you learn a new skill and develop and change daily has made me so proud. I won't admit how many times I have cried over this.

You now are:

  • Walking - You are walking around the room and have even started doing 360 degree turns which I admit are terrifying to watch for me as I'm worried you may fall. Your dad tells me to stop panicking but I'm always nearby just in case.
  • Climbing - You can climb the stairs and are currently putting all of your energy into climbing onto the sofa.
  • Saying a few words - You have been saying Mama, Dada, Nana and NomNom for a while but after a day of saying car you are currently refusing to do it anymore.
  • Pointing,clapping and waving
  • Eating Proper Food - When I say 'proper' food, I mean you eat what I eat and loves to feed yourself and then blow bubbles with the food in your mouth.
You are absolutely everything to me and I couldn't imagine my life without you! Happy Birthday (Belated now..) Jack x

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