I'm 26!!

by - 09:25

I am 26 today. I remember my early life - the years of the tamagotchi, Grange Hill and Bebo. Where my responsibilities mainly consisted of me doing my homework and trying and failing to keep my bedroom tidy. Now my life revolves around nappy changes, temper tantrums and beautiful toddler smiles. I'm truely an adult! Settled
with a beautiful son and a wonderful fiancee.

I've never been particularly bothered about birthdays. I like to read my cards and spend time with my family by in all honestly I'm just another year older! I feel differently this year.

It's my second birthday as a mom and I loved receiving a card with 'Happy Birthday Mom' on it. When I was asked what I wanted, that pretty much covered it. It may sound odd but I love hearing myself referred to as a mom. I feel really lucky to have Jack and cannot imagine life without him. I've gone a bit sentimental and added it to my collection of mothers day cards and birthday cards I have received from Jack (via Wayne!) I currently have four cards. I'll have quite a collection in years to come.

I'm going to spend my day chasing my teething little boy around the house whilst attempting to spend his nap watching a film or reading a book with a hot cup of tea. Won't that make a change!

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