Soft Play, Arboretum's Splash Pad and Teething Trouble

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Last week absolutely flew by and between entertaining a teething toddler and working I nearly forgot to write this post.

This week I took Jack to soft play. We went to a small soft play within Folly Farm whilst on holiday. Jack loved it, the enjoyment etched on his face as he climbed, clambered and slid around the playframe. I realised that this was an activity which would definitely help his mobility and coordination and started researching one closer to home. There may be a lot of soft play areas in the West Midlands but there doesn't seem to be many located near to a train station. I'm constantly looking for new places to take Jack but I don't drive so am pretty reliant on the train as I live 20 minutes from the station. I found one in Perry Barr around an hour from me. It's a good job he loved it as getting him there in a pram that he really doesn't want to sit in was a nightmare.

There was a baby area and a toddler area. I put him in the empty baby area to start with but he quickly got bored and wanted to explore the busier toddler area. I can understand why as it had slides, ball pits and areas to climb. He's currently at an age where you can't let him out of your site for one second. He walks well but is learning to climb currently and thinks no obstacle is unmanageable.

We also visited Walsall Arboretum this week and took Jack to the Splash Pad and Park there. This is one of the best things about the Walsall Arboretum. Opening between 11am-5pm in school holidays the Splash Pad is an area where children can play safely with water jetting from the ground and funnels in the air. Jack will happily sit in the bath but is quite scared of water going in his eyes or on his face. This makes hair washing a nightmare! I've started to take him to the splash pad so as to give him a chance to get used to the water. He was a bit reluctant to begin with but quickly got used to the water shooting up from the floor. He is still very hesitant about getting water near his face but i'm hoping with time and swimming classes (that i'm booking soon) that he will get used to it.

Teething seems to have really hit Jack at the minute and we have had a few late nights because of it. His cheeks are flushed  and he seems upset at the mere thought of having to go to bed. I'm writing this post slightly late. It's now Tuesday and the teething has continued. He went to sleep at 11pm last night...

Hopefully we will all have had some sleep by when I write this post next week!

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