Thursday, 27 August 2015

What's in Jack's Changing Bag at 16 months

I recently was reading through some of my archived posts and realised that I have never written a changing bag post. When Jack was born and even as he has ventured into the world of toddlerdom I have found these sort of posts both interesting and useful. I brought a new changing bag at the weekend so thought it would be the perfect time for this post!

Changing bags largely replace a mother's handbag. I was fed up of carrying around a dreary black bag which looked and was completely disorganised. It was like Mary Poppin's bottomless carpet bag with the difference being that I could never find anything I needed.

I brought the Ellis Shoulder Bag from Mamas and Papas for £59.95. I loved the nautical feel of this bag. The fact that blue is quite a neutral couple helped make my decision as my other half cannot complain about carrying it. The bag came with a changing mat in the same style. Jack will no longer lie still for nappy changes but this is useful for when we are out and about.

The contents of my changing bag evolves on a regular basis. What Jack needs has changed since he was a newborn and continues to change. This is what is currently in my changing bag during Jack's 16th month.

I love this changing bag as it has quite a lot of pockets where I can store essential items that I need to be able to access quickly. There are three inner pockets and an extra pocket for a bottle. Jack is no longer drinking from a bottle so I use the insulated bottle pocket for other items with one of the other pockets storing the changing mat.


In one of the smaller pockets I carry everything I need to change Jack's nappy. I carry five Pampers Active Fit Nappies with me and also a pack of Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipes. Wipes are my saviour as I use them to mop up the inevitable spills that happen on a daily basis. I also keep a small travel sized tub of sudocrem in this pocket.

I try to keep all essential medical items together in another pocket. This currently consists of Sun Lotion, Calpol, Teething Granules, Anbesol Liquid, Teething Gel and Calprofen. Do you see the teething theme? Jack is currently cutting three new teeth so I take these with me just in case.I also keep a few spoons in this pocket.


In what is meant to be the bottle pocket. I keep a comb, brush, dummies and a spare toothbrush. Jack only has dummies to sleep with but I honestly must lose two a week. I could have shares in Boots!

That leaves the main section of the bag. I always make sure I carry a spare change of clothes. When Jack was younger I was often caught without a spare set just after an explosive nappy so I like to make sure I always have spares! I also take snacks and a bowl out with me. Jack has three meals and regular snacks so I always tend to have an Ella's Kitchen fruit pouch or Kiddilicious fruit snacks with me. I also keep his beaker, a few of his favourite toys and his  NHS red book in this pocket.

No wonder my back is always hurting!

What's in your changing bag? I'd love to know if I am missing anything that you think will make my day easier!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Weekend Mini Style #1

Bottoms, Zara | Top, Zara | Shoes, Little White Company | 

This week I spotted some gorgeous leggings in Zara and I just had to buy them for Jack. I must have at least 7 Zara Leggings and have more on my wish list. I love how stretchy they are and the prints are fantastic. These leggings were £6.99 from Zara and have music notes on. Myself and Wayne are musicians and absolutely loved this print. The top was also from Zara and was £8.99. The top has small trumpets on it and has a lovely button detail at the front. The long sleeves are also perfect for those chillier days. Jack's boots are from the Little White Company. They are super soft and fluffy!

This is my first Weekend Mini Style post. Be sure to link up!

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Daily Life and A Trip To London

I have finally uploaded my very first YouTube video. Watching YouTube has become a slight addiction for me, I love nothing more than flicking through my subscribers and watching a few videos. Mummy Vloggers provide my go-to videos. When I'm having a tough parenting day, Jack may be cutting a tooth or having a tantrum, one of there videos reminds me that other people have had those days and felt the same. They are also brave enough to vlog about it.
I've decided I'd like to upload my own videos to YouTube. To record moments of Jacks life that we can look upon in the future remembering what a special part of our family he is.
Please take a look and for those vloggers out there, hit me with your tips. I have an awful lot to learn. I hope you enjoy my vlog, feel free to subscribe to my channel.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

10 Things I miss about life before children

Being a parent causes a large shift in your priorities. It is the end of you putting yourself first on a daily basis and the start of you focusing your sole attention on someone else. I never quite anticipated the change being so large and therefore I took a few things for granted. I love being a mom more than anything but there are a few things I miss.
Here are 10 things I miss about life before children
1. Hot cups of Tea 
I love a good cup of tea. Preferably warm! If you are a soon to be parent enjoy your hot drink whilst you can as I can assure you, you won't have time to soon. No sooner have I made myself a cup of tea, Jack decides he'd like my full attention as he tries to make me drink out of his toy tea set. Funnily enough I'd have preferred my cup of tea but never mind...
2. A tidy house
I'm blaming my toddler for the state of my house. Its obviously not at all my fault..
With a baby in the house, toys take over completely. If you thought plug sockets were painful, you should try standing on a child's puzzle piece. Each room has been taken over by toys and invariably they are on the floor. EVERYWHERE! Lets not even start talking about food mess and crayons.
3. Sleep
This is a completely obvious one I'll admit. I miss uninterrupted sleep. Nights of eight hours sleep have been replaced by sleepless nights and mornings being woken by a whack in the face as my toddler shouts Peppa. Apparently it gets easier, i'm still waiting...
4. Adult Conversation
Gone are interesting adult conversations with my partner about films, news, politics and in are conversations about poo and sleep. I mean seriously it's nearly as bad as the one way conversations with Jack that just result in a grunt or pointing.
5.  Clean Clothes
Before anyone even says anything, I of course wash my clothes. When I say clean clothes I mean non food/toddler stained clothes. My clothes usually last about 10 minutes before becoming marked. It's even worse when you are going out and only realise there's a huge stain when your boss mentions it to you.
6. Peace
Just 5 minutes of quiet where I could read the newspaper or just think without a little human pulling on  my leg or trying to turn on the washing machine. Heck, even 2 minutes of peace.
7. How easy it was to leave the house
Put on a coat and go. I mean that was it!  Now it's more like put shoes on whilst toddler complains, pack bag whilst toddler complains, put in pram, leave the house, return as toddler has pooed and I forgot to bring out a drink. Then finally 45 minutes later leave the house.
8. Going to the toilet alone
This is the one place where I don't want company but as I have a roaming/climbing toddler unfortunately I have company here too.
9. Quality Time with my Partner
When working and looking after a toddler one thing that can suffer is your relationship with your other half. Gone are exciting trips and evenings out. I'm working on this one at the minute by attempting to instigate date night.
10. Lying down and sleeping when I'm ill
If there is one thing worse than being ill, it is being ill whilst looking after children. All you truly want to do is lie on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself whilst watching Friends. Instead you have to suffer in silence whilst inevitably chasing a toddler around the house.
On a positive note, I'm happy to go without these things as I have something even better in my life. My little boy! I wouldn't mind them every so often though.
What do you miss about your life before children? I'd love to know. Leave me a comment or let me know on twitter
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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Teething = Tough Week

Parents are sometimes quite fearful of saying I've had a tough day. Often we try to just get on with it until it all gets too much and exhaustion kicks in.

I have had a tough week this week and so has Jack. He is teething this week and cutting several teeth including two molars. He has struggled with every single one of the eight teeth he has cut so far and this time is no different.

I feel truely sorry for him and feel like whatever I'm doing to try and comfort him just is not good enough. I have given him calpol, teething granules and plenty of hugs. I virtually have carried him in my arms for a week!

I just want to lie on my bed and cry to be honest and I'm sure that Jack feels the same. It's not his fault and I will continue to offer love until those stupid teeth pop through.

I'm mainly posting it to show that we all go through days even weeks like this. I don't want this blog to just account for good mom times, I want it to be a record of our lives and this is just one small part of it.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Jack's 16 Month Update

Jack you are 16 months old now and are changing so much day by day . I look back on old photos and wonder where my baby has gone. In his place is a toddler with a cheeky personality who understands so much but most of the time just choose to ignores me. I understand why, your toys are so much more interesting!
How you look

You were last weighed in June and weighed 20lbs 9oz. You are in the 25th percentile meaning that 75 children in 100 of your age are bigger than you. Brilliant things come in small packages so that isn't a bad thing. You still fit into 9-12 month clothes. There is a wardrobe full of 12-18 month old clothes just waiting for you to grow into them. Some of the trousers just fall off you.
You have a lot of blond hair and had your first haircut this month. I was absolutely dreading you getting your hair cut. You can't sit still for more than two minutes but a combination of daddy brilliance and Fireman Sam meant it was a breeze!

How you sleep

You are finally sleeping through. It has took 16 months but we have finally got there. At one point I thought it was never going to happen, but it has. I still regularly wake up in the night and sometimes check on you in your room. I'm just not used to you sleeping so well! Teething has really affected your sleep this month. You now have eight teeth and are currently cutting another two. We have had some really late nights recently and have ended up snuggled on the settee watching Peppa Pig.

Your personality is starting to shine through. You are quite the cheeky chappy with a smile that melts my heart. You are currently really suffering with separation anxiety and leaving you is just as hard for me as it is for you.  You don't like anyone to leave the room, I'm sure you think you are missing out on something! You are now prone to the odd toddler tantrum. I'm starting to think you do them in public on purpose as your never quite as bad with them at home. This week you had one because I tried to put you in your pram, took you off the slide and then finally offered you a banana. You love bananas!


I was bragging to my parents only last month about how well you ate. How things change! I think a combination of teething and toddler fussiness means you examine your food before you are prepared to take a bite. You still love bananas, cauliflower and potatoes though. Obviously not together.



You are walking well now and climbing (or attempting to climb) onto everything. You can climb onto chairs just not the sofa yet. You are staying to say words. your favourites are mum, dad, stinks, oops a daisy, grandad and there. I'm so proud of how much your learning. You love looking at books and point at things so that I can name them.

I love you! You make me proud everyday :)


Thursday, 6 August 2015

The A-Z of Me

The A-Z of Me is a post that I enjoyed reading on  Confessions of a Nagging Mother so I thought I'd give it a go. I love getting to know the writer behind the blog so I hope this helps you get to know me a little more. Some of the letters were far harder than you'd think!

A  - I am terrified of Aeroplanes. I hate flying and am already getting quite anxious about flying to Turkey in September. What's even worse is that I will have to try to hide my anxiety as I'm travelling with my 16 month old Jack. My fear isn't particularly rational but I absolutely hate take-off. I quite enjoy the plane landing though as we are that little bit closer to the ground.

B - I love blogging. I have been inconsistently blogging for over a year and have only just started to write more consistently. I really enjoying writing about Jack and family life. I just need to become more organised!

C - I went to China on a school trip when I was 14 years old. I stayed in Beijing and saw some of the most amazing sites including the Great Wall of China and the Imperial Palace. I just wish I had taken more photos.

D - I love taking Jack on family days out. With our busy schedule and work patterns we try to ensure we do something special with Jack at weekends. This could be a trip to the park, soft play or a trip to the zoo.

E - I quite like to exercise. I'm a huge fun of America's Beachbody DVD's and try to exercise when I can. I'm also a member of a gym. 

F - I have played the flute since the age of 8 and studied a Music Degree at University. It has enabled me to visit many places including Italy, China, Austria and France.

G - I am rubbish at gardening. I find it hard enough to keep on top of the housework! 

H - I absolutely love the Harry Potter Books. The warner bros tour is also amazing!

I - I love ice cream. Aside from the brain freeze I seem to always get, it tastes delicious.

J - This one is entirely obvious. I have a little boy called Jack. He is 16 months old and has changed my life completely.

K - I love reading books on the Kindle. With a little one, my house is short on space so I love the fact that I can download books to my Kindle.

L - I am addicted to Lush products. I often jump in the shower as it is quicker but try to have a bath twice a week just so I have an excuse to use Lush bath bombs. They are my favourite.

M - I love being a mum. I feel so lucky that I get to spend all week with Jack watching him grow up, play and develop.

N - I work Nightshifts twice a week. This is the best option for me and my family as it allows me to spend the week with Jack whilst my partner works.

O - I love being outdoors. I find with a little one, outside is often the nicest place to be.

P - I feel like I could narrate for Peppa Pig. I have never known so much about a children's TV show. You can include Fireman Sam in that too.

Q - My other half Wayne is a vegetarian and eats lots of Quorn products. I hate cooking them!

R - I have run the Great North Run twice and am planning to start running again soon.

S - I love to sing. I've sang in various groups at University and am now a member of an amateur dramatics company who put on yearly shows and concerts. 

TV - I love TV boxsets. My current favourites are New Girl and ER.

U - I went to Wolverhampton University.

V - I'm not a fan of vegetables. I only really like peas and cauliflower. I love fruit though!

W - I have a fiancée called Wayne. We have been together for nearly 10 years and met each other at school.

X - Jack loves playing his toy Xylophone. I've also played Xylophone as part of a band.

Y - I love YouTube. I love watching parenting vloggers. I have recently brought my own camera and plan to publish a video soon. Once I pluck up the courage that is.

Z - Zzzzzzz - I'm so tired. As a parent I think you always are but this week has involved tears, colds and teething so I feel exhausted!

I'd love you to know more about me. If you read this and write your own let me know so I can take a peek! :)


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

July Toddler Favourites

I have decided to blog my monthly toddler favourites. I spend hours reading blogs and watching YouTube videos and spot so many things that I think that Jack would love. I try to be rational and only purchase things that I truly believe will get a good amount of use. I have learnt from past mistakes of buying way too much especially when Jack was a newborn.

So this month Jack has been loving a few things. Jack has really got into books this month and keeps bringing me them to read. He has quite a large collection of books yet I am still managing to read each one at least once per day! I brought a few new books this month. Jacks current favourites are The Wheels on the Bus (Ladybird edition) and Roar Roar by Sebastien Braun.

I brought The Wheels on the Bus Ladybird edition off Ebay for around £3. I couldn't find it new anywhere but picked up a second hand copy in good condition. Jack has just started to do the actions to this song so I tend to play the song at the same time as showing him the book.

Roar Roar by Sebastien Braun cost £5.99 from Waterstones. Jack loves books where he can lift flaps. This makes the book interactive which is perfect as he is currently learning the names of animals. This book has large flaps which reveal an animal underneath.

For Jack' 1st birthday in April we purchased a rocking animal - Charlie Caterpillar for £39.95 from Mamas and Papas. Jack is an energetic toddler so it is rare for him to sit still for more than ten seconds. I think the longest he has managed in one place is on this Caterpillar. I love the quality of this rocking animal. It is colourful with crinkle fabrics in it's antennae and a soft body making for a very smooth ride.

Continuing the toy theme our next favourite is the Smart Trike Recliner Stroller. We brought this from Smyths Toy Store for £109.99. Jack had it as a Christmas Present but this is the first month where we have got a significant amount of use out of it because of the good weather. Jack at the minute is walking and is putting up huge protests when sitting in the pram. This is a perfect compromise!!

Last but not least is the Farmyard set. This is the most recent toy I have brought Jack. Jack is now approaching 16 months and is just getting to the age where some of the 18 month + toys are more appropriate. I brought the farmyard as I thought it was a good way of showing Jack the different animals and the noises they make. At first he would just knock it over but now he is starting to push the animals through the farmyard doors.

I'd love to hear a few of your favourites this month! Feel free to comment below or talk to me on twitter.


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sandwell Park Farm, Family Fun and Extra Teeth

All of my weekly post updates seem to have one thing in common. That is a visit to a park. As a parent I have found parks to be a saviour. I can let my toddler run around to his hearts content tiring himself out so he may sleep at bedtime. This week was no different and the park visits have continued. I've been trying to make the most of the better weather. I refuse to say good weather as the weather we have experienced this week has been showers and clouds.

 I've been taking Jack to the park twice a day. He is developing so much each week and I'm seeing him learn to do so many new things. New development however also means new parental challenges. This week he has learnt how to sit down at the top of a slide and slide down on his own. Only a small step but far better than his previous attempts at just walking down the slide.

I have also took Jack to Sandwell Valley Park Farm this week. Aside from the heavy rain we had a lovely time. Jack saw horses, pigs, sheep, hens, chickens and pigs and even explored in the children's maze. This was the first time that Jack has walked for a long period of time outside. He has been walking well for months but has been quite tentative about walking outdoors. It was amazing watching him explore his surroundings and take in new sights and smells. 

Jack has also cut a tooth this week. Not just any old tooth though, an extra tooth. He has cut a tooth behind his baby teeth in the roof of his mouth. A bit of a read has found that this does happen though I am going to book him into the dentist to get his teeth checked and will ask about this then. Poor little one, he is also cutting two of his bottom incisors.

Hopefully he may have them by next week!
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