10 Things I miss about life before children

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Being a parent causes a large shift in your priorities. It is the end of you putting yourself first on a daily basis and the start of you focusing your sole attention on someone else. I never quite anticipated the change being so large and therefore I took a few things for granted. I love being a mom more than anything but there are a few things I miss.
Here are 10 things I miss about life before children
1. Hot cups of Tea 
I love a good cup of tea. Preferably warm! If you are a soon to be parent enjoy your hot drink whilst you can as I can assure you, you won't have time to soon. No sooner have I made myself a cup of tea, Jack decides he'd like my full attention as he tries to make me drink out of his toy tea set. Funnily enough I'd have preferred my cup of tea but never mind...
2. A tidy house
I'm blaming my toddler for the state of my house. Its obviously not at all my fault..
With a baby in the house, toys take over completely. If you thought plug sockets were painful, you should try standing on a child's puzzle piece. Each room has been taken over by toys and invariably they are on the floor. EVERYWHERE! Lets not even start talking about food mess and crayons.
3. Sleep
This is a completely obvious one I'll admit. I miss uninterrupted sleep. Nights of eight hours sleep have been replaced by sleepless nights and mornings being woken by a whack in the face as my toddler shouts Peppa. Apparently it gets easier, i'm still waiting...
4. Adult Conversation
Gone are interesting adult conversations with my partner about films, news, politics and in are conversations about poo and sleep. I mean seriously it's nearly as bad as the one way conversations with Jack that just result in a grunt or pointing.
5.  Clean Clothes
Before anyone even says anything, I of course wash my clothes. When I say clean clothes I mean non food/toddler stained clothes. My clothes usually last about 10 minutes before becoming marked. It's even worse when you are going out and only realise there's a huge stain when your boss mentions it to you.
6. Peace
Just 5 minutes of quiet where I could read the newspaper or just think without a little human pulling on  my leg or trying to turn on the washing machine. Heck, even 2 minutes of peace.
7. How easy it was to leave the house
Put on a coat and go. I mean that was it!  Now it's more like put shoes on whilst toddler complains, pack bag whilst toddler complains, put in pram, leave the house, return as toddler has pooed and I forgot to bring out a drink. Then finally 45 minutes later leave the house.
8. Going to the toilet alone
This is the one place where I don't want company but as I have a roaming/climbing toddler unfortunately I have company here too.
9. Quality Time with my Partner
When working and looking after a toddler one thing that can suffer is your relationship with your other half. Gone are exciting trips and evenings out. I'm working on this one at the minute by attempting to instigate date night.
10. Lying down and sleeping when I'm ill
If there is one thing worse than being ill, it is being ill whilst looking after children. All you truly want to do is lie on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself whilst watching Friends. Instead you have to suffer in silence whilst inevitably chasing a toddler around the house.
On a positive note, I'm happy to go without these things as I have something even better in my life. My little boy! I wouldn't mind them every so often though.
What do you miss about your life before children? I'd love to know. Leave me a comment or let me know on twitter
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