Jack's 16 Month Update

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Jack you are 16 months old now and are changing so much day by day . I look back on old photos and wonder where my baby has gone. In his place is a toddler with a cheeky personality who understands so much but most of the time just choose to ignores me. I understand why, your toys are so much more interesting!
How you look

You were last weighed in June and weighed 20lbs 9oz. You are in the 25th percentile meaning that 75 children in 100 of your age are bigger than you. Brilliant things come in small packages so that isn't a bad thing. You still fit into 9-12 month clothes. There is a wardrobe full of 12-18 month old clothes just waiting for you to grow into them. Some of the trousers just fall off you.
You have a lot of blond hair and had your first haircut this month. I was absolutely dreading you getting your hair cut. You can't sit still for more than two minutes but a combination of daddy brilliance and Fireman Sam meant it was a breeze!

How you sleep

You are finally sleeping through. It has took 16 months but we have finally got there. At one point I thought it was never going to happen, but it has. I still regularly wake up in the night and sometimes check on you in your room. I'm just not used to you sleeping so well! Teething has really affected your sleep this month. You now have eight teeth and are currently cutting another two. We have had some really late nights recently and have ended up snuggled on the settee watching Peppa Pig.

Your personality is starting to shine through. You are quite the cheeky chappy with a smile that melts my heart. You are currently really suffering with separation anxiety and leaving you is just as hard for me as it is for you.  You don't like anyone to leave the room, I'm sure you think you are missing out on something! You are now prone to the odd toddler tantrum. I'm starting to think you do them in public on purpose as your never quite as bad with them at home. This week you had one because I tried to put you in your pram, took you off the slide and then finally offered you a banana. You love bananas!


I was bragging to my parents only last month about how well you ate. How things change! I think a combination of teething and toddler fussiness means you examine your food before you are prepared to take a bite. You still love bananas, cauliflower and potatoes though. Obviously not together.



You are walking well now and climbing (or attempting to climb) onto everything. You can climb onto chairs just not the sofa yet. You are staying to say words. your favourites are mum, dad, stinks, oops a daisy, grandad and there. I'm so proud of how much your learning. You love looking at books and point at things so that I can name them.

I love you! You make me proud everyday :)

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