July Toddler Favourites

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I have decided to blog my monthly toddler favourites. I spend hours reading blogs and watching YouTube videos and spot so many things that I think that Jack would love. I try to be rational and only purchase things that I truly believe will get a good amount of use. I have learnt from past mistakes of buying way too much especially when Jack was a newborn.

So this month Jack has been loving a few things. Jack has really got into books this month and keeps bringing me them to read. He has quite a large collection of books yet I am still managing to read each one at least once per day! I brought a few new books this month. Jacks current favourites are The Wheels on the Bus (Ladybird edition) and Roar Roar by Sebastien Braun.

I brought The Wheels on the Bus Ladybird edition off Ebay for around £3. I couldn't find it new anywhere but picked up a second hand copy in good condition. Jack has just started to do the actions to this song so I tend to play the song at the same time as showing him the book.

Roar Roar by Sebastien Braun cost £5.99 from Waterstones. Jack loves books where he can lift flaps. This makes the book interactive which is perfect as he is currently learning the names of animals. This book has large flaps which reveal an animal underneath.

For Jack' 1st birthday in April we purchased a rocking animal - Charlie Caterpillar for £39.95 from Mamas and Papas. Jack is an energetic toddler so it is rare for him to sit still for more than ten seconds. I think the longest he has managed in one place is on this Caterpillar. I love the quality of this rocking animal. It is colourful with crinkle fabrics in it's antennae and a soft body making for a very smooth ride.

Continuing the toy theme our next favourite is the Smart Trike Recliner Stroller. We brought this from Smyths Toy Store for £109.99. Jack had it as a Christmas Present but this is the first month where we have got a significant amount of use out of it because of the good weather. Jack at the minute is walking and is putting up huge protests when sitting in the pram. This is a perfect compromise!!

Last but not least is the Farmyard set. This is the most recent toy I have brought Jack. Jack is now approaching 16 months and is just getting to the age where some of the 18 month + toys are more appropriate. I brought the farmyard as I thought it was a good way of showing Jack the different animals and the noises they make. At first he would just knock it over but now he is starting to push the animals through the farmyard doors.

I'd love to hear a few of your favourites this month! Feel free to comment below or talk to me on twitter.

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