Sandwell Park Farm, Family Fun and Extra Teeth

by - 13:17

All of my weekly post updates seem to have one thing in common. That is a visit to a park. As a parent I have found parks to be a saviour. I can let my toddler run around to his hearts content tiring himself out so he may sleep at bedtime. This week was no different and the park visits have continued. I've been trying to make the most of the better weather. I refuse to say good weather as the weather we have experienced this week has been showers and clouds.

 I've been taking Jack to the park twice a day. He is developing so much each week and I'm seeing him learn to do so many new things. New development however also means new parental challenges. This week he has learnt how to sit down at the top of a slide and slide down on his own. Only a small step but far better than his previous attempts at just walking down the slide.

I have also took Jack to Sandwell Valley Park Farm this week. Aside from the heavy rain we had a lovely time. Jack saw horses, pigs, sheep, hens, chickens and pigs and even explored in the children's maze. This was the first time that Jack has walked for a long period of time outside. He has been walking well for months but has been quite tentative about walking outdoors. It was amazing watching him explore his surroundings and take in new sights and smells. 

Jack has also cut a tooth this week. Not just any old tooth though, an extra tooth. He has cut a tooth behind his baby teeth in the roof of his mouth. A bit of a read has found that this does happen though I am going to book him into the dentist to get his teeth checked and will ask about this then. Poor little one, he is also cutting two of his bottom incisors.

Hopefully he may have them by next week!

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