Teething = Tough Week

by - 11:38

Parents are sometimes quite fearful of saying I've had a tough day. Often we try to just get on with it until it all gets too much and exhaustion kicks in.

I have had a tough week this week and so has Jack. He is teething this week and cutting several teeth including two molars. He has struggled with every single one of the eight teeth he has cut so far and this time is no different.

I feel truely sorry for him and feel like whatever I'm doing to try and comfort him just is not good enough. I have given him calpol, teething granules and plenty of hugs. I virtually have carried him in my arms for a week!

I just want to lie on my bed and cry to be honest and I'm sure that Jack feels the same. It's not his fault and I will continue to offer love until those stupid teeth pop through.

I'm mainly posting it to show that we all go through days even weeks like this. I don't want this blog to just account for good mom times, I want it to be a record of our lives and this is just one small part of it.

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