The A-Z of Me

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The A-Z of Me is a post that I enjoyed reading on  Confessions of a Nagging Mother so I thought I'd give it a go. I love getting to know the writer behind the blog so I hope this helps you get to know me a little more. Some of the letters were far harder than you'd think!

A  - I am terrified of Aeroplanes. I hate flying and am already getting quite anxious about flying to Turkey in September. What's even worse is that I will have to try to hide my anxiety as I'm travelling with my 16 month old Jack. My fear isn't particularly rational but I absolutely hate take-off. I quite enjoy the plane landing though as we are that little bit closer to the ground.

B - I love blogging. I have been inconsistently blogging for over a year and have only just started to write more consistently. I really enjoying writing about Jack and family life. I just need to become more organised!

C - I went to China on a school trip when I was 14 years old. I stayed in Beijing and saw some of the most amazing sites including the Great Wall of China and the Imperial Palace. I just wish I had taken more photos.

D - I love taking Jack on family days out. With our busy schedule and work patterns we try to ensure we do something special with Jack at weekends. This could be a trip to the park, soft play or a trip to the zoo.

E - I quite like to exercise. I'm a huge fun of America's Beachbody DVD's and try to exercise when I can. I'm also a member of a gym. 

F - I have played the flute since the age of 8 and studied a Music Degree at University. It has enabled me to visit many places including Italy, China, Austria and France.

G - I am rubbish at gardening. I find it hard enough to keep on top of the housework! 

H - I absolutely love the Harry Potter Books. The warner bros tour is also amazing!

I - I love ice cream. Aside from the brain freeze I seem to always get, it tastes delicious.

J - This one is entirely obvious. I have a little boy called Jack. He is 16 months old and has changed my life completely.

K - I love reading books on the Kindle. With a little one, my house is short on space so I love the fact that I can download books to my Kindle.

L - I am addicted to Lush products. I often jump in the shower as it is quicker but try to have a bath twice a week just so I have an excuse to use Lush bath bombs. They are my favourite.

M - I love being a mum. I feel so lucky that I get to spend all week with Jack watching him grow up, play and develop.

N - I work Nightshifts twice a week. This is the best option for me and my family as it allows me to spend the week with Jack whilst my partner works.

O - I love being outdoors. I find with a little one, outside is often the nicest place to be.

P - I feel like I could narrate for Peppa Pig. I have never known so much about a children's TV show. You can include Fireman Sam in that too.

Q - My other half Wayne is a vegetarian and eats lots of Quorn products. I hate cooking them!

R - I have run the Great North Run twice and am planning to start running again soon.

S - I love to sing. I've sang in various groups at University and am now a member of an amateur dramatics company who put on yearly shows and concerts. 

TV - I love TV boxsets. My current favourites are New Girl and ER.

U - I went to Wolverhampton University.

V - I'm not a fan of vegetables. I only really like peas and cauliflower. I love fruit though!

W - I have a fiancée called Wayne. We have been together for nearly 10 years and met each other at school.

X - Jack loves playing his toy Xylophone. I've also played Xylophone as part of a band.

Y - I love YouTube. I love watching parenting vloggers. I have recently brought my own camera and plan to publish a video soon. Once I pluck up the courage that is.

Z - Zzzzzzz - I'm so tired. As a parent I think you always are but this week has involved tears, colds and teething so I feel exhausted!

I'd love you to know more about me. If you read this and write your own let me know so I can take a peek! :)

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