What's in Jack's Changing Bag at 16 months

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I recently was reading through some of my archived posts and realised that I have never written a changing bag post. When Jack was born and even as he has ventured into the world of toddlerdom I have found these sort of posts both interesting and useful. I brought a new changing bag at the weekend so thought it would be the perfect time for this post!

Changing bags largely replace a mother's handbag. I was fed up of carrying around a dreary black bag which looked and was completely disorganised. It was like Mary Poppin's bottomless carpet bag with the difference being that I could never find anything I needed.

I brought the Ellis Shoulder Bag from Mamas and Papas for £59.95. I loved the nautical feel of this bag. The fact that blue is quite a neutral couple helped make my decision as my other half cannot complain about carrying it. The bag came with a changing mat in the same style. Jack will no longer lie still for nappy changes but this is useful for when we are out and about.

The contents of my changing bag evolves on a regular basis. What Jack needs has changed since he was a newborn and continues to change. This is what is currently in my changing bag during Jack's 16th month.

I love this changing bag as it has quite a lot of pockets where I can store essential items that I need to be able to access quickly. There are three inner pockets and an extra pocket for a bottle. Jack is no longer drinking from a bottle so I use the insulated bottle pocket for other items with one of the other pockets storing the changing mat.


In one of the smaller pockets I carry everything I need to change Jack's nappy. I carry five Pampers Active Fit Nappies with me and also a pack of Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipes. Wipes are my saviour as I use them to mop up the inevitable spills that happen on a daily basis. I also keep a small travel sized tub of sudocrem in this pocket.

I try to keep all essential medical items together in another pocket. This currently consists of Sun Lotion, Calpol, Teething Granules, Anbesol Liquid, Teething Gel and Calprofen. Do you see the teething theme? Jack is currently cutting three new teeth so I take these with me just in case.I also keep a few spoons in this pocket.


In what is meant to be the bottle pocket. I keep a comb, brush, dummies and a spare toothbrush. Jack only has dummies to sleep with but I honestly must lose two a week. I could have shares in Boots!

That leaves the main section of the bag. I always make sure I carry a spare change of clothes. When Jack was younger I was often caught without a spare set just after an explosive nappy so I like to make sure I always have spares! I also take snacks and a bowl out with me. Jack has three meals and regular snacks so I always tend to have an Ella's Kitchen fruit pouch or Kiddilicious fruit snacks with me. I also keep his beaker, a few of his favourite toys and his  NHS red book in this pocket.

No wonder my back is always hurting!

What's in your changing bag? I'd love to know if I am missing anything that you think will make my day easier!

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