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Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Lush Haul

I recently stopped in Lush to stock up on some of their products including some Limited Edition Christmas stock and thought I'd share my purchases with you.

Snow Fairy

One of Lush's most popular items Snow Fairy is only available over the Christmas period. Available in 4 sizes, (100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg) I opted for the 250g size available for £7.95. I love sweet scented products and have mostly brought from the Christmas range recently. Snow Fairy  has a sweet candy floss scent. Whilst the scent is vibrant, it is not overpowering. Having never purchased snow fairy before I was surprised to see that within the pink shower gel was blue glitter. It didn't leave any traces on my skin but was great to look at.

Star Dust

The Star Dust bath bomb is shaped as a star and is cream/white in colour. Priced as £2.95, this bath bomb has a strong vanilla scent and also contains rosewood. I really like vanilla scents and was pleasantly surprised to find a product where Vanilla was the predominant smell. Star Dust is not one of the most spectacular bath bombs to view in the bath, but that doesn't seem to be its aim. The scent for me is enough to qualify a repurchase. In the bath it turns the water into a creamy foam and also contains small colourful stars.

Melting Marshmallow Moment

This is one of my favourite Lush products. Priced at £3.95 this bath melt, shares its scent with Snow Fairy and has that candyfloss sweet scent that I love. This bath melt turns the water pink and is super moisturising. I have dry skin and find that this particular Lush product leaves my skin feeling super hydrated.

Milky Bath

I have seen this in Lush a few times now and thought I would give this a go. Shaped like a bottle of milk and predominantly cream in colour this bubble bar is priced at £3.75. Containing orange oil and skimmed milk, it left my skin feeling really hydrated. The lid contains cocoa butter and its glittery appearance added to my enjoyment of the bubble bar. I used this over two baths and was really pleased with the amount of bubbles it created.

Luxury Lush Pud

The Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb is part of the Limited Edition Christmas range and cost £3.95. Containing lavender and ylang ylang oils, this bath bomb is perfect after a long day when you need to unwind. I wouldn't usually choose a Lavender scented product but was drawn in by its appearance. Shaped as a traditional pudding this bath bomb is predominantly pink in colour with little islands of colour in various places. To add to the Christmas feel it also has a holly and berries on the top. In the bath it created mainly pink water with swirls of colour appearing in the bath water. If you want a relaxing bath with lots of colour, I would highly recommend this product.

Father Christmas

The Father Christmas Bath bomb is part of Lush's Christmas range and is priced at £3.65. The Father Christmas bath bomb creates a surprise in the water as it leaves a holly green centre. I wasn't expecting that! With a freshly spun candyfloss scent, this is one I would repurchase.


The Intergalactic bath bomb is one of my favourite Lush products. Costing £3.95, its main scent is Peppermint and Cedarwood. I wouldn't usually pick a bath bomb with a Cedarwood scent but quite like the overall minty smell this bath bomb creates. This bath bombs selling point for me is what it does in the bath. A vibrant blue/teal this bath bomb sends the water teal whilst also boasting swirls of yelling white and pink. The popping candy and golden glitter make this a beautiful spectacle.

Candy Mountain

The Candy Mountain bubble bar costs £2.95 and smells of vanilla and candyfloss. With a sweet scent I usually make this bubble bar last two baths. Creating lots of bubbles in the pink water, this bubble bar creates a divine bath.

What's your favourite Lush product? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


Monday, 12 October 2015

Jack's 18 Month Update

Dear Jack,

You are now 18 months old! We have spent two weeks of the Month in Turkey and have had a lovely family holiday creating many memories that will last forever. You have learnt to do and explore so much this month.

How you look

I had you weighed just over two weeks ago. You weighed 21lbs 9oz. That puts you on the 9th percentile. Your so small! Your hair has got lighter this month, no doubt down to the weather in Turkey. You have gone very blonde and fair. Your feet have grown to a size 5g which means you've had some new shoes.


How you sleep 

Your sleep this month has been awful. We've just put it down to being in a completely new environment and are going to work on getting you back into a routine when we get home. We have managed to keep your midday nap in place but your bedtime has been all over the place. With all the family together, you haven't wanted to miss out on anything and have found settling in a different room where we are all together quite difficult. You can't self-settle here as we are in a hotel so we have gone back to rocking you off to sleep. Considering you have cut two new teeth whilst we have been away, you haven't done badly at all.


You have become exceptionally clingy this month. You can say Mama and actually mean me now. It has become your favourite word and is the thing you say constantly. I don't know whether we are in the midst of separation anxiety or it's just the new surroundings but you like to be with me at all times. You constantly are clinging to my legs or sitting on my lap and don't want the attention of anyone else. I can't leave your sight. That's tough on everyone as I feel terrible when I have to leave and I know your daddy is missing you wanting him every seconds.


Food has again been a battle this month mainly because of our holiday. It's been difficult finding food you will eat that equates to a healthy and varied diet. We have somehow managed it by making use of the all inclusive facilities and buying bits in. You have started eating more fruit this month and seem to be enjoying grapes.


You have started speaking lots more this month and have uttered a few new words. These include splashing, chocolate and your cousins name Laila. You can blow kisses, stick your tongue out on demand, kick a ball and throw overhand. You have just started saying 'shhh', say yes and shake your head for no. It's truly amazing what a difference a month makes. You can run and are gradually becoming more steady on your feet. 

I cannot wait to try these things and more out in your eigtheenth month. 

Love Mum 

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Monday, 5 October 2015

How to Survive a Plane Journey with a Toddler

As I write this blog post, I am at home as the rain continues to pour outside. Bad news is my holiday is over, good news is, I survived the plane journey *does a dance.* With a toddler *dances again*. 

So whiles its fresh in my mind, here's a few tips on how I survived a plane journey with a toddler.

1. Take snacks and drinks/a dummy for take off and landing.

For toddlers, the change of air pressure in the cabin at take off and landing can cause quite a bit of pain. I found that giving Jack a dummy to suck helped. For littles one who don't have a dummy or bottle, our saviour was snacks. They kept Jack swallowing which in turn helped his ears to pop. 

2. Take plenty of toys

With the drink/food cart coming up and down the aisle of the plane, letting Jack stand up and move wasn't really an option. Small toys and books really helped to pass the time. Toys like stacking cups, a car and small books were really helpful for us.

3. Think about downloading their favourite TV show to your tablet.

I never really thought about how hard it would be to keep a wriggling toddler on your lap during take off. Under 2's on my flight had to sit on a parents lap with an extended lap belt on during take off and landing. That was an hour of our flight where the seat belt sign was on. Thank goodness for Peppa Pig ( you heard that correctly!) I had downloaded a few episodes on to the IPad which we saved for this moment.

4. On an plane that isn't full, try and ask for a free row.

We were very lucky that our flight was not full and after asking at check in we were given a row with an empty seat. This gave us that bit more room and a chair where Jack could sit when the seatbelt sign was off.

5. Try and fly during naptime 

I know this is not always possible but Jack sleeping on the plane really helped us. Our flight took off at 2.30 pm with Jack's usual naptime being midday. There was absolutely no chance he would sleep in the airport which led to a very cranky overtired toddler by the time we got through security. However, on the plane itself he slept for 2 hours, half of the flight. The way back was a nightmare. A combination of teething and tiredness made the flight back tough.

6. Pack your changing bag wisely

It's so easy to forget things when you have so many things you need to take on holiday for your little one. I would suggest really taking the time to ensure that you have everything you may need for the flight. Spare clothes, extra wipes and also medicine. Jack cut a tooth whilst in the airport and I was so happy that I had packed calpol sachets and teething granules. Another item I found useful was a blanket. It got quite cold on the plane so the blanket kept him warm whilst he slept.

I'd love to hear of anything useful that I have missed. Please comment below or talk to me on twitter.

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

September Toddler Favourites

Welcome once again to my monthly favourites! I have spent two weeks of this month planning holiday packing and stressing over flying with a toddler and the other half in Turkey on a family holiday.

My favourites this month may therefore be slightly more focused than usual. Essentially, they are things that Jack and I have really loved whilst on holiday.

Zogg's Peppa and George Pig Swim Soakers

My main concern about our two week family break in Turkey was Jack's sudden fear of water. Up until around 15 months Jack would happily have a bath and enjoyed swimming. That all suddenly changed and for the last two months we have had weeks of screaming in the bath and absolute hysterics when it's time for swimming. I therefore was slightly concerned about how Jack would fare on a holiday where it's prominent feature was the pool. 

To alleviate a lot of my worry I thought I'd buy a few items to try to smooth the process and came across Zoggs Peppa and George Pig Swim Soakers in Boots.  Ideal for 3 months +, they are great for splashing around and are designed to help build confidence in the water. Both Peppa and George were in the pack.
These were fanastic on holiday. I would throw them in the pool and Jack would kick and splash his way to them.


Another Boots Purchase, this Thomas the Tank Poncho has been a real godsend on this holiday. I can simply pop it on over his head and its on. No fighting with a wriggling toddler who is refusing to sit with a towel wrapped around him. With space for his arms to move freely and a little hood to keep his head warm out of the water, it was totally worth the price.

Training Cup

Jack drinks out of a non-spill sippy cup but has started to take a real interest in drinking out of a generic cup. He watches as other adults drink and always wants to try having a sip from a cup. I came across a training cup that would allow Jack to use a cup in the way that I would without the mess that would undoubtedly follow if he did. With a screw on lid and a suction cap, it is leak free and works by opening when the child applies pressure on the cup with his lips. Jack doesn't drink as much as I would like so in my quest to increase his fluid intake I have brought so many different cups. This is my current favourite.

Stacking Cups

Jack has had stacking cups a while now, actually come to think of it he has had them ages. He would usually stack a few and find something more interesting to play with. This month they are the toy he has used the most. He stacks them up high and then takes great joy in knocking them to the ground. He has started to stack them inside one another too. 
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