How to Survive a Plane Journey with a Toddler

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As I write this blog post, I am at home as the rain continues to pour outside. Bad news is my holiday is over, good news is, I survived the plane journey *does a dance.* With a toddler *dances again*. 

So whiles its fresh in my mind, here's a few tips on how I survived a plane journey with a toddler.

1. Take snacks and drinks/a dummy for take off and landing.

For toddlers, the change of air pressure in the cabin at take off and landing can cause quite a bit of pain. I found that giving Jack a dummy to suck helped. For littles one who don't have a dummy or bottle, our saviour was snacks. They kept Jack swallowing which in turn helped his ears to pop. 

2. Take plenty of toys

With the drink/food cart coming up and down the aisle of the plane, letting Jack stand up and move wasn't really an option. Small toys and books really helped to pass the time. Toys like stacking cups, a car and small books were really helpful for us.

3. Think about downloading their favourite TV show to your tablet.

I never really thought about how hard it would be to keep a wriggling toddler on your lap during take off. Under 2's on my flight had to sit on a parents lap with an extended lap belt on during take off and landing. That was an hour of our flight where the seat belt sign was on. Thank goodness for Peppa Pig ( you heard that correctly!) I had downloaded a few episodes on to the IPad which we saved for this moment.

4. On an plane that isn't full, try and ask for a free row.

We were very lucky that our flight was not full and after asking at check in we were given a row with an empty seat. This gave us that bit more room and a chair where Jack could sit when the seatbelt sign was off.

5. Try and fly during naptime 

I know this is not always possible but Jack sleeping on the plane really helped us. Our flight took off at 2.30 pm with Jack's usual naptime being midday. There was absolutely no chance he would sleep in the airport which led to a very cranky overtired toddler by the time we got through security. However, on the plane itself he slept for 2 hours, half of the flight. The way back was a nightmare. A combination of teething and tiredness made the flight back tough.

6. Pack your changing bag wisely

It's so easy to forget things when you have so many things you need to take on holiday for your little one. I would suggest really taking the time to ensure that you have everything you may need for the flight. Spare clothes, extra wipes and also medicine. Jack cut a tooth whilst in the airport and I was so happy that I had packed calpol sachets and teething granules. Another item I found useful was a blanket. It got quite cold on the plane so the blanket kept him warm whilst he slept.

I'd love to hear of anything useful that I have missed. Please comment below or talk to me on twitter.

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