Jack's 18 Month Update

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Dear Jack,

You are now 18 months old! We have spent two weeks of the Month in Turkey and have had a lovely family holiday creating many memories that will last forever. You have learnt to do and explore so much this month.

How you look

I had you weighed just over two weeks ago. You weighed 21lbs 9oz. That puts you on the 9th percentile. Your so small! Your hair has got lighter this month, no doubt down to the weather in Turkey. You have gone very blonde and fair. Your feet have grown to a size 5g which means you've had some new shoes.


How you sleep 

Your sleep this month has been awful. We've just put it down to being in a completely new environment and are going to work on getting you back into a routine when we get home. We have managed to keep your midday nap in place but your bedtime has been all over the place. With all the family together, you haven't wanted to miss out on anything and have found settling in a different room where we are all together quite difficult. You can't self-settle here as we are in a hotel so we have gone back to rocking you off to sleep. Considering you have cut two new teeth whilst we have been away, you haven't done badly at all.


You have become exceptionally clingy this month. You can say Mama and actually mean me now. It has become your favourite word and is the thing you say constantly. I don't know whether we are in the midst of separation anxiety or it's just the new surroundings but you like to be with me at all times. You constantly are clinging to my legs or sitting on my lap and don't want the attention of anyone else. I can't leave your sight. That's tough on everyone as I feel terrible when I have to leave and I know your daddy is missing you wanting him every seconds.


Food has again been a battle this month mainly because of our holiday. It's been difficult finding food you will eat that equates to a healthy and varied diet. We have somehow managed it by making use of the all inclusive facilities and buying bits in. You have started eating more fruit this month and seem to be enjoying grapes.


You have started speaking lots more this month and have uttered a few new words. These include splashing, chocolate and your cousins name Laila. You can blow kisses, stick your tongue out on demand, kick a ball and throw overhand. You have just started saying 'shhh', say yes and shake your head for no. It's truly amazing what a difference a month makes. You can run and are gradually becoming more steady on your feet. 

I cannot wait to try these things and more out in your eigtheenth month. 

Love Mum 

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