September Toddler Favourites

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Welcome once again to my monthly favourites! I have spent two weeks of this month planning holiday packing and stressing over flying with a toddler and the other half in Turkey on a family holiday.

My favourites this month may therefore be slightly more focused than usual. Essentially, they are things that Jack and I have really loved whilst on holiday.

Zogg's Peppa and George Pig Swim Soakers

My main concern about our two week family break in Turkey was Jack's sudden fear of water. Up until around 15 months Jack would happily have a bath and enjoyed swimming. That all suddenly changed and for the last two months we have had weeks of screaming in the bath and absolute hysterics when it's time for swimming. I therefore was slightly concerned about how Jack would fare on a holiday where it's prominent feature was the pool. 

To alleviate a lot of my worry I thought I'd buy a few items to try to smooth the process and came across Zoggs Peppa and George Pig Swim Soakers in Boots.  Ideal for 3 months +, they are great for splashing around and are designed to help build confidence in the water. Both Peppa and George were in the pack.
These were fanastic on holiday. I would throw them in the pool and Jack would kick and splash his way to them.


Another Boots Purchase, this Thomas the Tank Poncho has been a real godsend on this holiday. I can simply pop it on over his head and its on. No fighting with a wriggling toddler who is refusing to sit with a towel wrapped around him. With space for his arms to move freely and a little hood to keep his head warm out of the water, it was totally worth the price.

Training Cup

Jack drinks out of a non-spill sippy cup but has started to take a real interest in drinking out of a generic cup. He watches as other adults drink and always wants to try having a sip from a cup. I came across a training cup that would allow Jack to use a cup in the way that I would without the mess that would undoubtedly follow if he did. With a screw on lid and a suction cap, it is leak free and works by opening when the child applies pressure on the cup with his lips. Jack doesn't drink as much as I would like so in my quest to increase his fluid intake I have brought so many different cups. This is my current favourite.

Stacking Cups

Jack has had stacking cups a while now, actually come to think of it he has had them ages. He would usually stack a few and find something more interesting to play with. This month they are the toy he has used the most. He stacks them up high and then takes great joy in knocking them to the ground. He has started to stack them inside one another too. 

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