Jack's 19 Month Update

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Dear Jack,

You are 19 months old! This month you haven't been quite yourself as you have been busy dealing with a stomach bug, a cold and a sore throat. I hate seeing you ill and wish I could take the discomfort away and be unwell instead of you. You are slowly getting better. The only reason I can tell is your energy levels have returned and the temper tantrums are back.

How you look

I look at you in your cot asleep and wonder how the tiny newborn I once had, has turned into a toddler. With your gorgeous blue eyes, your dimply cheeks and mischievous grin, you make me smile even when you are having a bad day. Even though you have spent some of this month ill and therefore at some point must have lost some weight, you are starting to outgrow your 9-12 month clothes. Tops that once fitted perfectly, now are too short in length. We have some way to go before 12-18 month trousers fit you but will just stick with elasticated ones for now.


How you sleep 

Your sleep this month has continued to be a problem. Illnesses of course haven't helped. Since you have been back to your usual self nap times have become a nightmare. You tell me you are tired and point to be put down in your cot. Once you are in there you realise that I am not holding you and then cry. Problem is, as soon as I pick you up, you cry to be put down. Your naps are shortening in length too. What used to be a 90 minute nap is now barely lasting 30 minutes. At night time you are struggling to settle to bed. You settle better at night for Daddy than you do for me.


Your are becoming more loving every month. You now come up to me shouting mom and give me a hug and a kiss. You loving blowing kisses when you say bye-bye. You are quite cheeky and love testing limits. You have definitely learnt the art of the temper tantrum. This is quite difficult to deal with as you seem to only want to be in certain rooms and let me know (loudly) when you are unhappy. You think nothing of lying on the floor and stamping your feet.


Food has been difficult this month. You have been unwell for large chunks of the month. This has severely affected your appetite. No matter what I do, certain days you have hardly eaten. You have just started getting your appetite back but still refuse to eat at certain mealtimes.


You are continuing to develop and change on a daily basis. Your language is the main thing that I have noticed a large change in. You can now say hi, bye, what's this, grandad, Laila, moon, stars, shh, car, how are you and much more. You have learnt most animal sounds. You continue to be as active as ever, never wanting to keep still.

Love Mum 

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