Jack's 20 Month Update

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Dear Jack,

You are 20 months old! This month we have had lots of lovely days out. We have been to a few farms, plenty of parks and soft play. We have to get you out of the house a lot more now. We needs to tire you out! A month doesn't pass by where you don't seem to get some kind of illness. This month was the turn of Chickenpox. 

How you look

You had your second haircut this month. Whilst I love your hair slightly longer, shorter hair makes you look older, like a proper little toddler. You were quite happy to have it cut which also suprised me. Daddy managed to distract you with a little bit of Peppa Pig. When I look at you, I see a smaller version of myself staring back at me. Considering you didn't look like me at all when you were born, I find our similarities truly amazing.


How you sleep 

Your sleep has really improved this month. For the last few months, you have been waking up several times a night. This was tough for all of us as we were all struggling to get a good nights sleep. This month you have been sleeping through! You have generally been going to bed at around 7.30pm  and waking up at around 6.30am. In other major news, you are self-settling to sleep. Up until this month, we have either rocked you to sleep or lay with you in bed until you drop off. This month you have started to settle when Daddy puts you to bed. You moan a few times but then quite happily drift off. We are no nearer in you settling for me. On the nights I have tried to put you in your cot, you have had a complete meltdown.


You are becoming quite a cheeky little boy. You like to try to test limits and then flash me a cheeky grin. I can't help but melt at your dimply cheeks. You are so loving and love to give kisses and hugs. Separation anxiety has become an issue this month. Chickenpox left you feeling quite poorly. All I could do was hug you and reassure you. 


I have no idea what is going on with your eating. One day you can eat really well but the next few days you refuse most of the meals I offer you. You are a small child anyway, so I have been worried about the amount of food you are eating. I am trying not to make a big deal out of it as I am certain that as soon as I do, you will refuse even more food. I have tried giving you new tastes, old favourites - pretty much everything I can think of. Pretty much to no avail.


Everyday I get excited waiting for you to do something new. This month you have finally worked out how to get downstairs safely. You are also becoming more adept at negotiating coming down a slide. Until this month you couldn't be persuaded to stop and sit at the top of the slide. When I take you outside you can walk much further on your own and even follow my pointing directions.

Language wise you continue to learn new words daily. Your favourite word this month is cake. You are constantly asking for it, it's not really making dinner time any easier. You have started to name animals and body parts and try to repeat words I say.

As always I am very proud of you and love you so so much.

Love Mum 

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