The Terrible Twos Have Arrived Early!

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Where has my happy little boy gone? I need help! 

I think I am in the midst of my hardest week yet as a parent. It has been worse than the weeks he has been ill, in hospital or teething. At least I knew how to deal with those issues. I felt like I could help him and comfort him. Now I seem to be dealing with tantrums alongside teething and illness. Seriously, send me chocolate or wine. Actually send both!

This week Jack seems to have entered a new stage in his development. He may only be 20 months old but we must have hit The Terrible Two's early. I will be honest, it probably is not that. It's worse! 

I thought I knew what toddler tantrums were.

 I was wrong. 

Until you have listened to your toddler tantrum for 45 minutes about the fact that you dared give him a banana even though he asked for one, then you have no idea. 

So far this week he has had tantrums because:

  • I would only let him have one chocolate out of the advent calendar
  • I put cheese on a sandwich instead of giving it to him on it's own.
  • Daddy put on Peppa-Pig
  • I wouldn't let him pick up my piano stool
  • I turned a page in his book. He wanted to do it himself
  • He threw all of the balls out of his ball pit
  • I wouldn't let him move the ironing board

Those are only some of the reason's he has had tantrums. The problem is, once he has started and has worked himself up into a complete frenzy, you can't reason with him. His arms flail, he stamps his feet, throws himself to the floor and the screaming starts. One minute Jack is calm and giving me cuddles and the next minute he is screaming at the top of his lungs. He has decided this week that he doesn't need to nap. Judging by the mood he was in at 4pm today, he definitely does! I even took him out in the pushchair. No, that didn't work either.

Now I know that Jack is of an age where he is learning that he can make choices and have different opinions. He is growing and knows what he likes and dislikes and will push for that even if it means defying you. He is a beautiful little boy who has so much love to give and has brought so much love into my life.

This week however he has driven me slightly bonkers. Of course, we will emerge out the other side (hopefully) very soon. Until then I'm going to pray that the naps start and the chocolate and wine arrive.

Best of Worst

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