Jack's 21 Month Update

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Dear Jack,

You are 21 months old! The time is absolutely flying by as you continue your journey into toddlerhood. I cannot believe that you will be two in just a few months time! This month, we have enjoyed our second Christmas as a family with you in our lives. I enjoyed Christmas so much this year as I felt like you understood so much more. From being able to say 'Santa' and 'Ho Ho Ho' to being able to (slowly!) unwrap your presents, it was my favourite Christmas to date.


How you sleep 

Generally this month, you have slept well. You are really resisting naptime and bedtime and are particularly difficult during Naptime. Once you are asleep though, you do tend to sleep straight through. If I judged this based on the last few days alone however, the story would be quite different! Over the last three nights we have been up with you most of the night with teething pain. You can now communicate your discomfort to me and Daddy. You point at your teeth when we ask 'where it hurts' and have even started saying the words 'teeth hurt.' Hurry up Molars!


You are such a loving boy and have this month started to run to me asking for hugs. My heart absolutely melts when this happens and it couldn't make me any happier. You are so cheeky, with your dimply cheeks and wide smile. You are constantly up to Mischief whether that be messing with the phone and sky box or emptying all of my kitchen cupboards onto the floor. It's not so much fun when you decide to empty the cereal boxes.


We have finally made some progress with your eating habits. Last month, I was finding that you were completely leaving your evening meal and becoming very fussy about what you would eat. Now instead of giving you a hot dinner at 5pm, I give you it at lunchtime. Guess what! You eat it. I  am so delighted and obviously relieved that your appetite is returning.


Developmentally, you've had a huge growth in many areas this month. First of all, your language and communication skills continue to amaze me. You can name animals, transport and you are even starting to count. You are repeating what people say and have started to put two words together. This has only happened a few times so far, when you said 'cot please' and 'what's this?' We all need to be careful about what we say now I think.

Up until this point you have not enjoyed walking outdoors. You walked at 10 months and walked well very quickly, however, you did not enjoy walking outside. This month has seen real progress as you have begun to walk for short periods of time outside.

You have really enjoyed playing with puzzles this month and have had so much practice that you can complete them very quickly. You have loved your Christmas toys and have barely left them alone since Christmas Day.

Now in 2016, I can't wait to create more memories with you and Daddy. My perfect little family.

As always I am very proud of you and love you so so much.

Love Mum 

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