Monday, 29 February 2016

My Week In Pictures #2

This week we have had a quiet week and then a busy Saturday. We have been to Jack's regular play sessions - stay and play on a Wednesday and Rhythm time on a Thursday. On Saturday we left Jack with my mom and went to Burton to watch Walsall play. My sister also had her engagement party in the evening, this was followed by my nightshift. Quite a busy day!

I have been a bit rubbish on the photo front. I need to take more pictures.

Here's my week in pictures...

  • Jack absolutely loves looking at books. At bedtime, he usually picks out two books for us to read. We always end with the book Goodnight, I Love You. 

  • I had to snap him lying down on the settee as it never happens. Jack is an active child who is constantly exploring so it is quite a rarity to capture a calm moment.

  • I took Jack to Lichfield to feed the ducks this week. I had to capture a photo of three generations of us together. My dad, me and Jack.

  • This picture absolutely melts my hart. He has the most gorgeous smile!

  • Every Monday I will post my week in pictures. I love nothing more than looking through Instagram  so  let me know of your Instagram names in the comments below so I can follow you! Feel free to follow me here too. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Glossybox | February 2016 Review

As a mom, I have found that I am more likely to spend my expendable income on Jack, than I am on myself. I rarely treat myself to things as I know I could utilise my money in other ways. 

One thing I have been looking at for a while however, is beauty boxes. Having a treat arrive on my doorstep every month with surprise items in would be lovely and would mean that I could try different items out before purchasing them.

After comparing the different beauty boxes available, I opted for the Glossybox. With the February box being my first, I thought I would share the contents of the box with you. I am paying £10 a month for the box + postage and packaging and can cancel at any time.

The box itself is very pretty and has a love theme. It is adorned with balloons and the text 'love is in the air.' On opening the box I could read about the theme itself - Beauty Soulmates. This theme encompasses those products that you grow to love and don't want to be without.

The first item that I spotted in my box was the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor. I was really happy that this was in my box as it was a product that I was interested in trying. This razor has 5 curve sensing blades with water activated serum infused with marine extracts. It gave a really close shave and left my skin feeling super soft.

As a person who has thick and damaged hair, I'm always in need of a conditioner. I was therefore pleased to see the Naobay Hair Mask Volume Conditioner included in the box. A natural and organic product, it smells absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to give this a try.

The Nicka K New York 24H Waterproof Eyeliner in dark brown was another pleasant addition. I have wore this once so far and absolutely love it. It comes with an attached sharpener and a smudging sponge so is ideal to put in your make up bag. This product has a great quality to it and really does stay in place.

Next up is the Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Tweezers. They look absolutely beautiful and feature a floral design. They make brow shaping easy and are a nice inclusion to the box.

The final item was the MUA Power Pout Glaze in the shade Allure. This was the most disappointing item in my box. Whilst I am sure that I would have loved the product in a different shade, I felt that the shade I was given was very dark for my complexion. That's surprising given that Glossybox ask for details about your complexion when you sign up. Aside from the colour, the lipgloss itself I found to be quite sticky. I gave the colour a try but doubt I will use it again.

I was pleasantly surprised at the mix of products in this box. Whilst I didn't enjoy using the MUA Power Pout Glaze, I will be using the other products. From hair products to skin and make-up products I feel that this box has items to please everybody. With five full-sized items included, I think the box is amazing value!

What did you think of this months box? Leave me a comment below x


Monday, 15 February 2016

Jack's 22 Month Update

Dear Jack,

You are 22 months old!  This month, we have enjoyed a weekend away to Butlins and a few days out. We have visited Twycross Zoo, Sheldon Country Park and a few soft play areas and parks.



How you sleep 

At naptime we have finally got a routine going which results in you self-settling. After your bath,  we turn on in the night garden at 18:20. You then have a drink and we read three books before taking you to bed. We say goodnight to all your toys and then kiss your teddies goodnight. You always ask for a kiss and say night night. We then leave you to sleep. AND YOU DO!

Naptime is another matter. I can only describe it as a nightmare! You will not go to sleep by yourself nor will you go to sleep in my arms. Some days you are napping and other days you are not. The no napping days result in a difficult two hours in the afternoon as you are overtired.

Your independent streak is starting to emerge. You hate me getting you dressed and undressed even though i'm only trying to help you as you struggle to do it yourself. You know where you want to go and what you want to do and are happy to tell me. The fact that you are now chattering away means you are also trying to talk to me a lot more and hold a conversation.

You continue to be really affectionate. I absolutely love when you run up to me and give me a kiss and a cuddle unexpectedly. It makes my heart melt! 


Last month I mentioned that your eating habits had improved. You started eating hot meals again and I was really pleased with the improvement. I definitely spoke too soon! This month you have become increasingly fussy. Whilst you have cut a few teeth, even when you haven't been teething it has been difficult. You will not eat any hot meals nor will you eat cheese on toast, jacket potatoes, pasta, egg, oranges and raspberries. You won't drink milk. You have even started refusing to eat bananas which are your favourite. This is making it increasingly difficult for me to give you a variety of foods. I am still tying to offer you new things but with little success. I am really hoping this improves soon. It's driving me insane.


I love seeing you develop and change on an almost daily basis.

This month you are continuing to chat away. You are repeating pretty much anything i say. You can name animals and recognise pictures in books. We are starting to have little conversations as you have started to put three word phrases together.

You love singing. You mainly sing along to the Fireman Sam theme tune, heads, shoulders knees and toes and the wheels on the bus. Though you are prepared to sing along to anything, whether you know it or not! You have started to do the actions to songs such as head, shoulders, knees and toes and love showing this to anybody who will watch.

You absolutely love playing with cars. You have started to show a love for planes and helicopters. We took you to Sheldon Country Park this month to watch the planes take off from Birmingham airport. You were mesmerised and sobbed when we left. We can't wait to take you again!

This coming month we are going to try and take you to a few new places. As the weather improves we are hoping to get outside more and explore!

As always I am very proud of you and love you so so much.

Love Mum 


Thursday, 11 February 2016

January Toddler Favourites

Welcome once again to Jack's monthly favourites! We have quite a lot of toddler favourites this month. With Christmas having been and gone, Jack has had a lot of new things to play with and try.

 If you want to take a look at my January favourites, head here.

The book that Jack has loved reading... Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson.

Jack loves books. We read every night at bedtime but have recently found that Jack enjoys sitting on his own and looking at his books. He has quite an independent streak! I recently brought Jack Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson. I'd heard a lot of good comments about this book so thought I'd buy it Jack. It's about a bear who delivers letters. Jack really enjoys looking at the pictures in this book and finding the flaps on each page. The illustrations are fantastic and have really captured his imagination.

The toys that Jack has loved playing with... Cars and Harold the Helicopter.

Jack absolutely adores anything related to transport. Trains, cars, planes and helicopters - if it moves Jack will love it. For Christmas he received lots of cars. He received cars of different sizes and honestly has played with them ever since. It's amazing how a small car can capture his attention. They have been great to take on outings or longer car journeys.

We recently went to Butlins for the weekend and brought Jack a small toy for the car journey. He loves Thomas The Tank Engine and Helicopters so I opted for the small Harold The Helicopter. He has enjoyed it that much that we have also brought him the larger helicopter. This helicopter has been everywhere that Jack has this month including, his bed, the highchair and outside. He has even tried to take it in the bath with him!

The TV that Jack has loved watching... Fireman Sam

Jack loves watching Fireman Sam. He will specifically ask to watch it when we put his cartoons on. He loves fire engines and will often name some of his toy characters Sam during pretend play. I have seen the current episodes many times so I am happy to hear that there will be new episodes of this coming soon.

 The food that Jack has loved eating... Kiddylicious Fruit Wiggles

Jack is a very fussy eater. He is currently cutting his molars which is making the situation worse. I am really relying on healthy snacks to ensure that he is getting his 5 a day and all the nutrition he needs. I came across Kiddylicious snacks this month and was very happy to have found a healthy snack that Jack will eat. He has been eating the strawberry and apple fruit wiggles as part of his morning snack. That's one of his five a day sorted!

The product that mum has found helpful... Oilatum Junior Cream

Jack has been suffering with flare ups of eczema and dry skin recently. The winter months tend to really dry out his skin and leave it in need of rehydration. A friend recommended trying Oilatum Cream.  A fragrance free cream, this product is ideal for tackling eczema and other related dry skin conditions. We have been using it for three weeks, directly applying it after showering and I'm delighted that it has completely cleared up his eczema.

Have you tried any of these products? What does your toddler love? Leave me a comment below.


Monday, 8 February 2016

BakerDays Personalised Letterbox Cake - Review

On those rare occasions when Jack is asleep and I have some time for myself, all I often want to do is sit down with a nice cup of tea and some food whilst relaxing in front of the television. I'm not going to lie to you, the food I tend to eat during these moments does not count towards my five a day. (Unless you are meant to eat five portions of cake and chocolate a day that is!) Taking into my account my love of food, you can imagine my excitement when I was offered the opportunity to review a letterbox cake from Baker Days.

Immediately interested, I went straight on their website to take a look at their range. I could not believe the variety of cakes available. From new baby cakes to Valentines cakes, Baker Days provide personalised cakes for all occasions. I quickly decided that with Valentine's Day fast approaching, I would select a cake to express my love for my other half. (In actual fact, I know that he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, which would leave most of the cake for me!) There was a large selection of cakes to choose from with both traditional and humourous tastes catered for. I opted for a simple vanilla sponge cake and moved onto personalising the cake. I was pleased that you were given the option of personalising the cake's entire text, resulting in an extra special message.

One thing I was really looking forward to was receiving a cake by post. It would make a nice change to receive something other than takeaway menus and bills through my door. I was however, still slightly surprised that such a thing as a letterbox cake existed.

 Wouldn't the cake be squashed? 

Would it arrive in one piece? 

I needn't have worried. The cake arrived in pristine condition. Fitting through the letterbox, it allows you to surprise anyone with a delicious personalised gift. 

The cake arrived in a tin adorned with the words 'Just For You.' I absolutely loved the tin and have kept it to store some little knick-knacks in. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cake arrived with balloons, candles and a little card. These extra touches made it all the more special. They also include a leaflet showing some of their products just in case you are planning to make any future purchases. 

Baker Days suggest that the five inch letterbox cake will serve up to two people. This seems pretty accurate as you can divide the cake into quarters to get four good sized portions that are perfect for dessert. The cake itself once opened didn't last very long. It tasted divine! The sponge was fluffy and moist and alongside the icing made for a cake that was full of flavour.

I will definitely be ordering some Baker Days cakes as gifts for family and friends in the future. With their delicious range of recipes available for delivery 6 days a week, Baker Day's service is both quick and efficient. If you order before 2pm like I did, then Baker Days can deliver the next working day to virtually anywhere in the UK. Perfect for those last minute gifts! Perfect for all occasions, I'm sure my Fiancé has sneaked the leaflet away to use for future gift reference. I may have mentioned how much I loved the cake quite a few times.

Take a look at the Baker Days website, Facebook page or give them a follow on Twitter.

*Disclaimer - I was sent this product for the purposes of this review. All options are my own?


Monday, 1 February 2016

January Favourites

It's February already! Here are my January Favourites.

The skincare item I have loved using.... Elizabeth Arden: Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser

This month I have tried to switch up my skincare routine. For the last few months I have been using Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish twice a day to cleanse my skin. Whilst I absolutely love this product, I have been on the look out for an exfoliating cleanser that I can use a few times a week, on days where I feel I have particularly bad skin. I tried the Elizabeth Arden: Exfoliating Cleanser this month and have found a product that for me is worth every penny.
It exfoliates my skin by using micro-beads to gently cleanse and remove dead skin from my face leaving it feeling revitalised and healthy.

The bubble bar I have loved using... The Comforter

As a huge fan of Lush, I always tend to have a Lush product in my monthly favourites. As a mom to a toddler, a long soak in the bath is a rarity and therefore something I really look forward to. For Christmas I received lots of Lush products many of which I have never previously tried. Yet, I have still been reaching for the same product - The Comforter. A purple and white bar, the comforter is a bubble bar that you crumble in running water to create colour and lots of bubbles. With a blackcurrant scent, it reminds me of Ribena and is my favourite Lush product to use when I just want to relax.

The TV I have loved watching... Celebrity Big Brother

The days where I could sit down and watch television for hours on end are well and truly over. With a very active 21 month old, there is hardly time to sit down during the day. This just makes me appreciate the little time me and my partner have even more.

This month we have been loving Celebrity Big Brother. I like watching reality TV and this show is one of my favourites. From the tasks and drama to the nominations and evictions, it is a programme that I love to watch. The only problem is that it is on everyday. Thank goodness for Sky+.

The Music I have loved listening to... Radio One Live Lounge Albums

This month I have been listening to my collection of the Radio One Live Lounge Albums. I really enjoy listening to established artists cover other songs whilst putting their own unique spin on them.

 The Drink I have loved drinking... Hot Chocolate

Out of my Christmas money this year, I brought myself a Tassimo Machine. It makes tea, coffee and my absolute favourite drink hot chocolate. I have been having a hot chocolate every evening when Jack is asleep. I add a whipped cream spray and marshmallows for the ultimate treat. (Not sure it's a treat when I have it everyday though!)

The Youtuber I have loved watching... Kira Hutt

You often find large you-tubers being listed in monthly favourites. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This month however I thought I would talk about a smaller youtuber that I love to watch. That person is Kira Hutt. Kira uploads many different types of vlogs. Ranging from hauls to a day in the life, her vlogs are something that I look forward to appearing in my subscription box. Take a look!

What were your favourites in January? Let me know so I can give some of them a try.

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