Jack's 22 Month Update

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Dear Jack,

You are 22 months old!  This month, we have enjoyed a weekend away to Butlins and a few days out. We have visited Twycross Zoo, Sheldon Country Park and a few soft play areas and parks.



How you sleep 

At naptime we have finally got a routine going which results in you self-settling. After your bath,  we turn on in the night garden at 18:20. You then have a drink and we read three books before taking you to bed. We say goodnight to all your toys and then kiss your teddies goodnight. You always ask for a kiss and say night night. We then leave you to sleep. AND YOU DO!

Naptime is another matter. I can only describe it as a nightmare! You will not go to sleep by yourself nor will you go to sleep in my arms. Some days you are napping and other days you are not. The no napping days result in a difficult two hours in the afternoon as you are overtired.

Your independent streak is starting to emerge. You hate me getting you dressed and undressed even though i'm only trying to help you as you struggle to do it yourself. You know where you want to go and what you want to do and are happy to tell me. The fact that you are now chattering away means you are also trying to talk to me a lot more and hold a conversation.

You continue to be really affectionate. I absolutely love when you run up to me and give me a kiss and a cuddle unexpectedly. It makes my heart melt! 


Last month I mentioned that your eating habits had improved. You started eating hot meals again and I was really pleased with the improvement. I definitely spoke too soon! This month you have become increasingly fussy. Whilst you have cut a few teeth, even when you haven't been teething it has been difficult. You will not eat any hot meals nor will you eat cheese on toast, jacket potatoes, pasta, egg, oranges and raspberries. You won't drink milk. You have even started refusing to eat bananas which are your favourite. This is making it increasingly difficult for me to give you a variety of foods. I am still tying to offer you new things but with little success. I am really hoping this improves soon. It's driving me insane.


I love seeing you develop and change on an almost daily basis.

This month you are continuing to chat away. You are repeating pretty much anything i say. You can name animals and recognise pictures in books. We are starting to have little conversations as you have started to put three word phrases together.

You love singing. You mainly sing along to the Fireman Sam theme tune, heads, shoulders knees and toes and the wheels on the bus. Though you are prepared to sing along to anything, whether you know it or not! You have started to do the actions to songs such as head, shoulders, knees and toes and love showing this to anybody who will watch.

You absolutely love playing with cars. You have started to show a love for planes and helicopters. We took you to Sheldon Country Park this month to watch the planes take off from Birmingham airport. You were mesmerised and sobbed when we left. We can't wait to take you again!

This coming month we are going to try and take you to a few new places. As the weather improves we are hoping to get outside more and explore!

As always I am very proud of you and love you so so much.

Love Mum 

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