Jack's Toddler Bedtime Routine

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I have not updated Jack's bedtime routine for just under a year, so thought I would share his toddler bedtime routine now. If you are interested in Jack's baby bedtime routine, you can find it here.

Jack is now 22 months old and is finally self-settling. I have reclaimed my evenings! Regular readers of my blog will know that getting Jack to self-settle at bedtime has proved a challenge. As a first time mom, I never really followed the advice to put him down in his cot or moses basket awake. I just was enjoying him so much that I held him for all his naps. He became so used to this, that he then wouldn't settle on his own at bedtime. 

I tried so many different sleep techniques and finally it is working. He has been self-settling when his daddy puts him in his cot for around two months but has screamed when I have tried. That is until yesterday! He finally self-settled for me. Aside from a few moans, he drifted off to the land of nod in super quick time.

Anyway onto the bedtime routine...

18:00 - The routine starts...

After we have eaten dinner and I have cleaned up, we start Jack's bedtime routine with a bath. For the last 6 months Jack has been terrified of the bath. He absolutely hated
getting his hair washed and would start to cry as soon as he heard the bathroom taps being run. If i'd have known all it took to overcome this fear was lots of bath toys, I would have got them earlier!

Jack tends to spend about 20 minutes in the bath. He quite happily plays with his toys but still does not like his hair being washed. He never wants to come out of the bath. He only comes out when the bath is empty!

Once Jack is dry we apply some Oilatum Cream to his body. Jack has ezcema and this is amazing for his skin. It really keeps his skin moisturised. We then get Jack changed into pyjamas, ready for bed.

18:20 In the Night Garden time...

Why was I not aware of the calming effect of In The Night Garden? Where has it been for the last 22 months? 

At 18:20 we dim the lights and put on In The Night Garden. Jack has only been watching it for the last month and absolutely adores it! He can name all the characters and sings along to the music. He has a drink now too.

18:50 Readtime time...

After In The Night Garden, Jack picks three books  and goes and sits in his Ikea children's tent. He loves books where you can name the pictures. His speech has improved so much over the last few months. I think these books have really helped. We always end our bedtime reading session with the book Good Night I Love You by Caroline Jayne Church. My sister and her Fiance brought Jack this book whilst on their trip to New York. It really helps prepare him for bedtime.

Once we have read three books, we then put Jack's helicopter on the mantlepiece. Harold the Helicopter goes everywhere with Jack, it's almost like a comfort toy. He would take it to bed with him if we let him.

19:00 - Off to bed...

We have quite a set routine when it comes to putting Jack down in his cot. We take Jack upstairs, dim the lights and put up his blackout curtains. Jack has two posters in his bedroom. One of Fireman Sam and one of Peppa Pig. We then say goodnight to all of the characters in the posters. This takes quite a while!

We then put Jack down in his cot. We have to kiss both his Peppa Pig and (you guessed it!) Fireman Sam teddy. Then Jack asks us to kiss him too. After giving him a kiss, we tell him we love him and turn down the lights before shutting his safety gate and bedroom door.

That's it! A forty minute routine that has made a huge difference to our lives. What do you do at bedtime? I'd love to know. Leave a comment below x

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