January Favourites

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It's February already! Here are my January Favourites.

The skincare item I have loved using.... Elizabeth Arden: Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser

This month I have tried to switch up my skincare routine. For the last few months I have been using Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish twice a day to cleanse my skin. Whilst I absolutely love this product, I have been on the look out for an exfoliating cleanser that I can use a few times a week, on days where I feel I have particularly bad skin. I tried the Elizabeth Arden: Exfoliating Cleanser this month and have found a product that for me is worth every penny.
It exfoliates my skin by using micro-beads to gently cleanse and remove dead skin from my face leaving it feeling revitalised and healthy.

The bubble bar I have loved using... The Comforter

As a huge fan of Lush, I always tend to have a Lush product in my monthly favourites. As a mom to a toddler, a long soak in the bath is a rarity and therefore something I really look forward to. For Christmas I received lots of Lush products many of which I have never previously tried. Yet, I have still been reaching for the same product - The Comforter. A purple and white bar, the comforter is a bubble bar that you crumble in running water to create colour and lots of bubbles. With a blackcurrant scent, it reminds me of Ribena and is my favourite Lush product to use when I just want to relax.

The TV I have loved watching... Celebrity Big Brother

The days where I could sit down and watch television for hours on end are well and truly over. With a very active 21 month old, there is hardly time to sit down during the day. This just makes me appreciate the little time me and my partner have even more.

This month we have been loving Celebrity Big Brother. I like watching reality TV and this show is one of my favourites. From the tasks and drama to the nominations and evictions, it is a programme that I love to watch. The only problem is that it is on everyday. Thank goodness for Sky+.

The Music I have loved listening to... Radio One Live Lounge Albums

This month I have been listening to my collection of the Radio One Live Lounge Albums. I really enjoy listening to established artists cover other songs whilst putting their own unique spin on them.

 The Drink I have loved drinking... Hot Chocolate

Out of my Christmas money this year, I brought myself a Tassimo Machine. It makes tea, coffee and my absolute favourite drink hot chocolate. I have been having a hot chocolate every evening when Jack is asleep. I add a whipped cream spray and marshmallows for the ultimate treat. (Not sure it's a treat when I have it everyday though!)

The Youtuber I have loved watching... Kira Hutt

You often find large you-tubers being listed in monthly favourites. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This month however I thought I would talk about a smaller youtuber that I love to watch. That person is Kira Hutt. Kira uploads many different types of vlogs. Ranging from hauls to a day in the life, her vlogs are something that I look forward to appearing in my subscription box. Take a look!

What were your favourites in January? Let me know so I can give some of them a try.

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