February Favourites

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It's March already, which means it is finally Spring. I'm beginning to feel as if I am getting cabin fever. The weather has been terrible and I just really want to get out of the house and take Jack somewhere exciting. We are going on a few days out this month and I am bound to spend the month trying to figure out what to get Jack for his 2nd birthday. (How fast has that gone?)

Anyway onto my favourite things in February.

The skincare item I have loved using.... Quick Fix Facials Mega Moisture Gel Mask

Despite switching up my skincare routine a few times now, I continue to have dry skin. This can really affect my confidence as even with make up on my skin is flaky and looks in need of some moisture. I spotted the Quick Fix Facials Mega Moisture Gel Mask in Boots recently and at only £4.99 thought it was worth a try.

I have been looking at trying a face mask for a while but had been put off by the expensive price of some brands. My skin is sensitive and often reacts to products, this often puts me off investing in an expensive mask.

I have used this face mask four times this month (once per week) and absolutely love it. After applying it to my face, I leave it on for ten minutes and then remove it with a warm cloth. I have already noticed a difference in my skin and with this being the only new skincare product I have tried this month, it is getting the credit!

The Shower Gel I have loved using... Snow Fairy

I am still working my way through my Lush products. I received so many Lush products for Christmas that I haven't set foot in a Lush since. I really need to rectify this!

Whilst I usually opt for bath bombs and bubble bars, my favourite this month is neither of those. Instead it is a shower gel. Snow fairy is the first shower gel from Lush that I have brought and I love it. The scent is perfect for me, without being too overpowering. I love the sweet candyfloss scent. It lingers on my skin long after I leave the shower. The only question is, why didn't I buy more of them?!

The TV I have loved watching... The Big Bang Theory

I am slightly addicted to the Big Bang Theory! I own seasons 1-8 and despite watching season one previously and loving it, I somehow failed to continue watching it. That is until I found out it was on Netflix. I am obviously just completely lazy as not having to put the DVD in and just being able to flick Netflix on, has me watching it again. I'm currently midway through season two. For anyone who just wants to relax with a comedy, this is perfect. It is practically the only thing that myself and Wayne watch together!

The app I have loved using... Netflix

I have had Netflix for over a year now and have hardly used it. That is up until now. Netflix is amazing! I already have a list full of programmes that I would like to watch. This month I have watched the Big Bang Theory, Tim Minchin Live, Love, Rosie and How I Met Your Mother.

There is such a range of programmes to cater for everyone's tastes.

The food I have loved eating... McCoys Crisps

Usually I am not a big fan of crisps. Out of all treats, it would be bottom of my list, with Chocolate obviously top. The one brand of crisps that I have been really enjoying this month however, is McCoys Crisps particularly the Cheddar and Onion flavour. I actually brought these for Wayne to take to work but have eaten quite a few packets myself.

The Youtuber I have loved watching... Serena Christina

I much prefer watching YouTube to normal television. A YouTuber that I have loved watching this month is Serena Christina. Serena is a motherhood, life and style vlogger who uploads weekly vlogs about her family life. She also uploads other vlogs on a range of topics. I have absolutely loved watching her weekly vlogs. If I see she has uploaded a video, she is the first person I watch. She is down to earth and seems such a lovely person. Check her out!

What were your favourites in February? Let me know so I can give some of them a try.

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