Jack's Easter Basket 2016

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As a mom, I am always looking to start special traditions that we can do as a family every year. Jack is nearly two and whilst we have always celebrated Christmas, we have never placed any special emphasis on Easter. Last year I felt that he was too young to understand the occasion and whilst he probably still is, I thought it would be nice to place more significance on it. This year I have decided to put together an Easter basket for Jack. I put together a Christmas Eve Basket for Jack in December and found that it helped make Christmas feel even more special.

I am aware that Jack will probably receive a few small Easter eggs this year. Whilst I am certain he will love them, I thought it would be nice to create an Easter basket that contained an assortment of items that Jack will enjoy. You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a lovely Easter basket. Looking at what I have brought, I don't think I have spent any more than £20.

Jack loves reading. You will often find him with a book in hand looking at the pictures or shouting for me to read to him.We are now at a point where even though we have quite an extensive book collection, we have read every book many times! This Easter basket was the perfect excuse to buy a few more books. The first book we picked up was Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt. Jack continues to love this programme and really engages with any book based on this series. There was also an In The Night Garden Easter book that looked fantastic. Unfortunately I did not see this until I had completed Jack's Easter basket. We also brought We're Going On An Egg Hunt by Laura Hughes. I really liked this book as it is based on the classic rhyme -  We are going on a bear hunt. I know Jack will really enjoy looking for the eggs and lifting the various flaps in the book.

Keeping a toddler entertained can be tricky. Jack will play with a toy for a few minutes before moving straight onto another thing. Whilst activities such as colouring and painting do not yet capture his attention, one thing he does love is stickering. It is one of the few activities that occupies him for longer than a few minutes. This Peppa Pig Sticker Activity Book comes with stickers that are a great size and activity sheets too. I usually find stickers strewn across the house after an activity like this.

After seeing many surprise egg videos on YouTube, I stumbled across these refillable eggs in Asda. I am planning on doing an Easter egg hunt with him so thought these would be useful. I have used two for Jack's Easter Basket and have put some chocolate chicks into them. The chocolate chicks and Peppa Pig egg are from Tesco's.

Every toddler (that I know) loves Bubbles. Jack has a bubble machine and loves standing there watching them fall and finally pop. I picked up a bubble set from Tesco's. it comes with two stencils in the shape of a bunny and an egg. I also picked up bath crayons. Whilst the mess (wonderful drawings...) will drive me slightly bonkers, I am sure that having these available at bath time will ignite an interest in colouring. At the minute Jack is more interested in telling me the colours of the crayons than doing any colouring.

Have you put together an Easter basket for your little one? What did you include in it? Please leave me a comment below.


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