Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Jack's February Toddler Favourites

Welcome once again to Jack's monthly favourites!
 If you want to take a look at my February favourites, head here.

The book that Jack has loved reading... Goodnight, I Love You by Caroline Jayne Church

After three months of serious work, Jack is finally self-settling. This is largely due to his bedtime routine which you can read about here. As part of his bedtime routine we sit in Jack's little reading space (an Ikea tent) and read three books. Whilst Jack will pick two himself, the final book is always the same.

Goodnight, I Love You by Caroline Jayne Church is a book that my sister and her Fiancé picked up on their recent trip to New York. It is about going to bed and in rhyming form, takes you from bath, book to bed. Jack loves reading this and has even started finishing some of the sentences.

The toys that Jack has loved playing with... Mega Bloks

Jack has always enjoyed playing with Mega Bloks. He likes to build them high and watch as they crash down to the floor. This month however, he has been playing with them in a different way. He is starting to use them to pretend play. So far this week alone he has asked me to build him a helicopter and Fireman Sam's house. Neither of which looked like the item he asked for! He has become more interested in building different things and has not always knocked them straight down.

The TV that Jack has loved watching... In The Night Garden

Jack watches In The Night Garden as part of his bedtime routine. He loves the different colours on the screen and can already name all of the different characters. This programme has lovely music that really helps calm him down and make him aware that bedtime is approaching. He loves the books too!

 The food that Jack has loved eating... Annabel Karmel's Fruity Bakes

Jack is a very fussy eater. Whilst I of course want him to eat, I also want to make sure that what he eats is healthy and made from quality ingredients. Jack has been eating these fruity bakes in both the apple and strawberry flavours. Perfect for a snack, we have had one of these ready in his lunchbox when we have been out and about.

Have you tried any of these products? What does your toddler love? Leave me a comment below.


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