Wicked Uncle Review

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As a mom, I am always on the lookout for good quality toys that I can buy for Jack and other relatives. The days where I could spend hours looking around the shops for the perfect gift have been and gone. With a toddler, shopping is super stressful and tends to end with me not getting anything (aside from a Starbucks.) It is so much easy to just look online when Jack is sleeping. A fan of online shopping, I was delighted when I got given the opportunity to review the Wicked Uncle Website. I was sent £40 in vouchers and was told to go ahead and shop.

A children's gift specialists, Wicked Uncle's main customer is not the parent. It is the Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Nan or Grandad that is struggling to find that perfect present. It is hard enough shopping for your own child never mind another relatives! Wicked Uncle aims to take the stress out of shopping and have cool unique gifts for children of all ages. Whether your have a grandson who loves dinosaurs or a sister that loves animals, they have a gift for you.

After loading their webpage I immediately noticed the unique concept that makes Wicked Uncle stand apart from other online retailers. Their website makes shopping easy. You can search for the perfect gift in a few ways. Firstly, you can refine your search by age. Selecting the age of the recipient guarantees that you are buying a gift that is age appropriate. Jack is two in a months time, so I looked in both the Age 1 and Age 2 categories. 

You can also search by gender. This helps narrow the gifts down further to offer you those gifts that a boy or girl will usually opt for. There is also a category that shows all of the gifts regardless of  the recipients gender. I opted for this one as Jack loves both cars and kitchens. If you would like to narrow your search even further you can search by category. This is helpful for those people that know a child's interests but not what to specifically buy.

Once I had chosen Jack's presents, I headed straight to the checkout. Wicked Uncle can gift wrap your present and send it straight to the recipient. It's that simple! There are many gift wrap designs to choose from. Gift wrap is £2.95 for the first present and £1.50 for each additional present. I loved the fact that you recieve a filled-in thank you note that you can send off as a thank you to the gift giver. 

We chose three gifts for Jack. The first thing we chose was the Vehicle Sound Blocks by Melissa and Doug for £12.95. Jack loves puzzles and transport so this was an obvious choice. With 6 puzzles to match, the puzzle makes the noise of the vehicle pictured when you correctly match it up. Jack has had hours of fun with this already!

We also brought Jack a Chunky Dinosaur Puzzle for £8.95. I loved how bright this puzzle was and thought the chunky puzzle pieces could be used during pretend play.

 Finally we brought the Poppin' Penquin Island - Bath-time Fun toy by Tomy for £17.95. Jack is just starting to enjoy bath-time.. He used to be terrified of the water but has recently started enjoying playing in the bath. He loves watching the penquins dive into the bath and loves to dance to the music. This toy has made bath-time so enjoyable.

I would really recommend looking at the Wicked Uncle website next time you are looking for a children's gift. An easy to use website that provides unique gifts, I won't hesitate to shop with them in the future. 

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