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In the evening when Jack is tucked up in bed, you can often find me sitting on the sofa, watching television, eating something delicious that wouldn't be included on any diet plan. I have an incredibly sweet tooth. As a child I used to spend my pocket money at the Woolworths Pick 'n Mix. I would fill up a gigantic cup of sweets right to the very top before trying to squeeze the lid on. This sweet tooth has remained with me every since.

Taking into account my love of all things sweet, you can imagine my excitement when I was offered the opportunity to review a sweet subscription box from Mr. Big Tops.

A sweet subscription box? You heard that correctly!

Mr. Big Tops is a sweets by post service. From sweet jars to personalised gifts, they have something for everybody. Selling a mixture of retro cool candy and old fashioned treats, you can reminisce and find those sweets that you loved as a child. I love how easy the website is to use. You can search by category ensuring you select the perfect product for you. Many products allow you to customise so you can go online and pick your favourites!

I was sent a sweet subscription box to review. Available to purchase as a twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly box, there is flexibility in how many boxes you receive every month. With over 100 sweets to choose from, you just have to pick your favourite six. Mr. Big Tops will do the rest.

Arriving by Royal Mail, the box was actually delivered whilst I was out as it fit through my letterbox! Made to fit through standard letterboxes, the box comprised of push and pull lids that could be undone one by one in the style of an advent calendar. If you just cannot wait (like me) you can open all the windows to take a look at your sweets.

When the box arrived, I felt immediately that I was receiving a product where every bit of attention had been placed on detail. The packaging is eye catching and can be recycled once used. I love how there are separate tabs allowing you to just pick out one type of sweet to eat at a time.

I received Clotted Cream Fudge, Fruit Caramel, Jelly Beans, Milk Chocolate Mice, Pear Drops and Watermelon Slices in my box. Alongside this there was a Strawberry Flavoured Fizz Wiz and a Wham Original bar. I honestly ate around three of the packets within the first 30 minutes of receiving the box. The temptation was too strong!

Prices range from £3.99 for a twice weekly box to £5.49 for a monthly box. Perfect for a treat, I really love the originality of this concept. I found so many sweets on the website that would be hard to find otherwise and have already been looking at making a purchase.

*Disclaimer - I was sent this item to review. All opinions are my own.

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