Things I Have Loved In March

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Essentially a March Favourites post, I thought I would look back on all the things I loved during the month of March.

The skincare item I have loved using.... Soap and Glory Hand Food

I really suffer with dry hands. Working in retail with copious amounts of cardboard has really had an effect on my skin. They are dry throughout the year and at their worst in Winter. I often stock up on Soap and Glory products in the run up to Christmas when Boot's tend to put a gift pack of them on special offer. I therefore have a few Soap and Glory Hand Food tubes stashed away. Containing shea butter, macademia oil and marshmallow, the cream smells lovely and is not at all greasy.

The Shower Cream I have loved using... Imperial Leather Comforting Marshmallow

In my February Favourites post, my favourite shower cream was Lush's Snow Fairy. I obviously love sweet smells as this month I have been loving the Imperial Leather Comforting Marshmallow Shower Cream. With a slightly less sweet smell than Snow Fairy,  the marshmallow scent is something I love.

The app I have loved using... Spotify

Jack loves dancing to music. I have the Spotify premium service and always put the app on in the afternoons. I give Jack some musical instruments and let him dance away. You can browse playlists, create them and even download music so you can listen to when offline (super useful in the car.)

The drink I have loved drinking... Cherry Coke

I love Cherry Coke. Out of all the fizzy drinks available, that is one I always reach for first.

The Youtuber I have loved watching... Claire Witt from The Witt Family

As always, I have really enjoyed various YouTube channels this month. For those of you that don't know, I have recently started my own channel.

This month I have really enjoyed watching vlogger and mother of two Claire Witt. She daily vlogged throughout the month of April which takes some doing. I struggle to keep up with 2/3 videos per week so really respect vloggers that publish daily videos especially when they are as good as hers. She is down to earth and makes fantastic videos. Take a look!

The Lush product I have loved using... Butterbear

I'm still working my way through my Christmas gifts from Lush. I have used a few of the butterbears this month. They may not be the most exciting Lush product to watch in the bath but their vanilla scent is lovely.

What were your favourites in March? Let me know so I can give some of them a try.

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