24 Months Old | Update

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Dear Jack,

You are 24 months old. I officially have a two year old.  


How you sleep 

You are sleeping 12 hours a night and generally sleep through unless you are ill or teething. You are napping again! You nap for around 90 minutes a day.

I think that routine really works for Jack. Consistency is key. He likes to know what is coming net so sticking to a strict routine really helps him prepare for bedtime and really helps him self-settle. In the first year of Jack's life, we had a very loose routine. I think this is the reason Jack struggle to self-settle.

You are turning into quite a cheeky chappy! You are starting to test limits and always give me a cheeky grin when I say no and you want to do something anyway. You have started to whinge when you are unhappy and refuse to tell me what you want even though you can. You have started to throw tantrums and you don't care where. In the supermarket, in playgroup, in the park - anywhere! I literally don't have a clue how to deal with it. I'm winging it!

You are becoming fiercely independent and like to do everything for yourself. You know what clothes you want to where and where you want to go, which makes reasoning with you very difficult.


Your eating habits are still proving difficult. You are still refusing to try new foods, though I am continuing to offer them. A typical day of food looks like this:

Breakfast - Toast or Cereal and Fruit

Snack - Annabel Karmel Fruit Bar

Lunch - Sandwiches usually Cheese or Jam. Raisins, Banana and Grapes, Organix crisps and a Yoghurt.

Tea - (this is where we have the issue) I'm currently trying to give him a smaller portion of our meal but he point blank refuses it leaving me with a choice of waffles, beans and chips or sandwiches.


You are talking really well and are starting to string together 4 word phrases and sentences. You told me you loved me for the first time this month without me saying it first. You can communicate exactly what you want which makes my day far easier. The guess work used to drive me insane. When you whinge, you refuse to though.

You are really enjoying playing with your Vtech Garage and Train set and enjoy moving your cars around the track. You are really starting to role play with your toys. You love pretending that there is a fire somewhere and then like taking your fire engine and helicopter across the room to put it out. I'm always in charge of the police car. Always!

You love playing with a football and kick and throw the ball really well. Your garden toys have really helped your confidence when climbing, though we did go through a stage where you refused to go outside because you were too frightened of hearing next doors dog bark, the wind blowing the fences or ants and flies.

As always I am very proud of you and love you so so much.

Love Mum 

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