He said I Love You...

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From the moment your child is born they become the centre of your universe. Gone are the days where you could plan a visit to a beer-garden, a trip to the shops or even a toilet break in peace. First you deal with poo explosions, colic and being absolutely shattered and next you deal with potty training, toddler tantrums and fussy eating.

All to often, you hear the difficult moments being discussed and the fantastic moments being ignored. In my day to day life with a toddler there are many lovely moments but the ones that always get talked about are the difficult ones. Well today I'm going to chat about a lovely moment alongside the harder times.

My little boy is 25 months and whilst he can talk very well, usually it involves him asking for something.  Not today! Today he actually he said he loved me. 

Now of course I know he does...

But he actually said it!

I didn't say it first, he just came up out of the blue, gave me a kiss and said 'mommy, I love you.'

After the rubbish week we have had, that well and truly made up for it. This week Jack has been cutting his last molar. (I hate teething!) This has turned my little boy into an angry, impatient (well more so than usual) and sleep deprived toddler. You can guess that this week all I have wanted is wine and cake in the evenings. Problem is I haven't had an evening to have that.

I won't lie to you, I have been a tad emotional this week and that lovely little moment may have sent me over the edge. Jack on hard as usual thought I'd hurt myself and decided he was a doctor and tried to kiss my 'hurty' better. 

It's amazing that four simple words can mean so much but a parents love is unconditional and its lovely when your toddler finally says those words too. Never mind that he doesn't understand what they mean - I'm ignoring that bit! Question is, when will he understand it's bed-time!

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